Fired for blackface on your own time


Resident Suit
Who said it did?

What if she applied lighter makeup, similar to Beyonce's natural skin color? Would that be insulting?


Family Leave Fridays!!!
The Cincinnati Enquirer quotes a UPS spokesperson (gotta be PC!) as saying they were unsure if the employee showed up to work dressed like that. While I worked with plenty of rejects in my 15 years on Preload, I highly doubt a *25-year* employee would be dumb enough to come into work dressed like that, dancing around and singing (per various reports) ‘I ain’t your mama.’

At most jobs, it’s understood that you represent the company and any immoral or improper behavior, regardless of when and where it occurred, is grounds for termination. Which makes sense - plenty of people will be offended by this employee’s actions to the point that if UPS didn’t take action, they’d take their business elsewhere. Same would be true if the person was employed scrubbing the poop out of the toilet at McDonald’s. That said, because UPS is union, I’m sure he or she will get their job back, assuming they didn’t show up to work like that.

That said, if somebody had come into my center dressed like that, dancing around and saying I ain’t your mama... it’d be the greatest, funniest :censored2: I’ve ever seen and I’d happily buy them a beer.