Fired for dishonesty

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    Why are you shouting?
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    1. All communication through Diad. Never use your cell phone for work, period.
    2. If they tell you to do something against the methods ask for clarification through the DIAD
    3. Follow the methods to the letter unless instructed not to do so in writing.
    4. Take pictures of all questionable above.

    If they say be in by a certain time, tell them via DIAD getting in by x time will cause stops to be missed, but you will do so as instructed.

    What are the correct methods when instructed to make no attempt (unless instructed differently in writing)?...

    Sheet as missed on area, each with correct address, every box with a service cross (missed), cross off pals.

    Your particular center or individual supervisor may tell you to handle this differently. This does not mean it is correct methods. If he tells you to sheet at the bldg, sheet under 1 address, sheet as emergency conditions, skip sheeting them etc etc. GET IT IN WRITING (DIAD MESSAGE) and take a picture.

    If you return to the bldg with unsheeted boxes you leave yourself open to discipline. Get it in writing!
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    Oh hell no who wants to work for a company like that? That’s petty
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    What’s your local?