Fired for misloads

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    Today, I got yet another "talk with" about having misloads. I had 2 misloads yesterday. That's all so far this week. I had 1 misload all week, last week. Anyway, the Operations Manager came to me and another pre-loader today and told us that we wouldn't get anymore "talk withs". He said that they would take the "next step". This was with a Union Steward present.

    My sup. was furious about the fact that the Ops. Manager keeps threatening us pre-loaders. All he says is that we're gonna be fired if we keep getting them. The Union Steward told my sup. (with me standing there) that we would NOT be fired over misloads. What is the truth to this? I'm told I do a good job....and I may get 3 misloads a week at the an on. I always check my trucks, but sometimes I must overlook some. Can I be fired for misloads?
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    Forget about getting fired. Think about how you can fix the problem. Now, I think mabey 1 misload is acceptable once a week, or every other week. But that's not the point, to reduce my misloads, what worked for me was reading every single label out loud prior to scanning the package and loading it. This may seem easier said than done when you are being hit with a 100 piece special, but hopefully it can help.
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    This helps me out too. I say the truck and the shelf.
    I wouldn't be too concerned about being fired over misloads. In our center one guy has been late 75 times in one year and had 7 misloads in ONE DAY! Yes, on one truck. His other 2 trucks only had 2 each that same day!

    I told my sup the other day that the only way I would never have a misload was to only let me load only one truck.:happy-very: I would just be happy loading three. The days I work preload, it ALWAYS seems that I get 4 trucks and everyone else gets three. (Oh well, gives me an excuse if I have a misload!!!!)
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    No, you can not be fired for having misloads. I have been with UPS for 3 years, never got more than a verbal warning. I was threatened with a warning letter a couple times, but never received them There are ways around it, and ways to improve yourself.

    First, they (UPS) can not fire you for going too slow. If you need to, take your time to check each and every package. The first thing you are hounded about the next day is misloads, not how slow you worked. They may bitch at you for going slow day of, but as long as you follow all the methods and do what they say, their argument is baseless. It saves them money if you take your time checking the packages, while you may actually gain a few more mins each day.

    Also, they provide tools to you, grease pencil, truck placards, and even load sheets at your request. Make sure your trucks have the proper placards on the outside, and also a good idea is to put them on the inside as well. On the back of both wheel wells, and at the front of the top by the bulkhead door. Get these printed in neon colors too, different color for each truck.

    Get to know what you are loading, address, cities, etc. Most of the time you do not misload bulk stops, but usually its some residential package.

    Also, stacking is not a bad thing, they bitch about it alot..not because its a safety issue, but because they pay you more to stay longer to take care of it. When you get bombarded with :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:, stack it. Then take them in the car 2-3 at a time and checking them, circling the truck number as you put them on the shelf. This works really well for me.

    Sometimes (this has been an issue at our sort) if you are sent home early after you are done and something comes down the belt at the end. Other people like to just chuck them into the trucks not seeing what truck its going into and you get the blame. When you are done, close the doors on your trucks. Also, a good idea to know your drivers. Sometimes if possible drivers meet up and if your routes between your trucks are in the same area then can exchange the packages and save your ass. Never ask them to do it, but if you are on good terms with your drivers they may do it as a courtesy for loading their trucks well. I have been saved this way a few times.

    Also, never be afraid to ask for help. If you are in a situation that requires help, ask for it. If someone else loads your truck with you or loads one of your trucks and you get misloads, it is possible you didn't do it. Bring this up and it can be taken off the record. Exhaust all your options, this will cut them down.

    Lastly, just simply pay attention.
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    The steward is there to protect your interest, hes there to help you understand and represent you if you have issues. in this case he is both right and wrong, you can be fired for misloads because its a lost time/lost revenue issue, he is right in this case because the discplinary action must be progressive, was he there with you during the talks?
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    I almost forgot....Always, I mean ALWAYS have a union steward present when there are any "talk with" sessions. If they don't have one present, you can file a grievance. They are there to represent you, use it. If they have a "talk with" with no representation, then they can not be allowed to follow through on the disciplinary measure. Always ask for a steward.
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    what is a misload?
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    Child support.
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    doing the best you can now you write a short letter of concern about the accusations the the talk with was about. make a copy for you for the shop steward to give to the union, DONT use the company copy machine . The purpose of this, is a paper trail to cover your self . good luck.
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    It's when you load the package on the incorrect truck...
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    If they fire you the next person wont be any better. WIll they fire them also?
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    Originally Posted by Barack Odrama
    what is a misload?

    Child support.

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    If on PAS make sure when you ODS center you tell them it was a "Bad Pal" label to inform and to release blame on your fellow brother.
  14. Mike Hawk

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    It was a brother that put the correct label on it in the first place, you will be the brother with the blame if you get caught lying.
  15. Dragon

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    "Bad Pal" no such terminology. Its out of sync, wrong car or flipped.
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    It sure is good terminology- sometimes the system puts anything it wants on the pal label; nothing close to what the shipping label reads. And no, it is not an out of sync. If the tracking numbers match, how does that happen?
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    I cannot imagine that UPS can afford to fire someone for missloads. Humans willing to work preload are very rare in my neck of the woods. Our state minimum wage will be more than 8.50$ an hour very soon.
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    Same here. No matter how bad they are, as long as they show up everyday they won't lose their job.
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    The Weingarten Rule establishes the right of union employees to have a shop steward present at a meeting between mgmt. & union employees. And YES an employee can be be terminated for misloads. The union can just earn more initiation fees with a new employee!
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    I would have to say that you can get fired for misloads. You will probably get your job back because we have a contract and getting firred for misloads is not a reason for termination. Ups will make your life miserable.

    Read the lable and put it in the right truck. That is what your job entails.

    If you have to slow down a bit then you need to slow down. Mistakes will bite you and make you look stupid!