Fired for working as instructed? Only at UPS...

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    I'd like to preface this little story by mentioning that I am not the firee in question.

    Having said that, we have a small center with only 24-32 cars on road depending on the day, and only 4-5 trailers total going out on a normal evening. We also have one single FDC auditor, of which I happen to be the backup for when said auditor is on vacation or calls off.

    OK, here's the fun part. Auditor was hired in 2001, but gained Teamsters seniority in 2002 as per that contract pickup up the FDC clerks (not sure if it's in all regions, but they are certainly Teamsters up here). She shows up, does her job, and generally goes home whether she gets her guaranteed hours or not. It's usually about a 3 hour job per night, give or take a few minutes. She never rocked the boat.

    Well, recently they started putting her on the Clerks schedule and harassing her to do clerks work when she's not busy (she's always working, as FDC has all kinds of weekly training to read and stuff to photocopy during downtime), they've been pushing back her start times, and then the past few weeks have been putting unreasonable FINISH TIMES on her schedule. Our local sort may run 5:30 to 9:30, but they have her on the schedule 6:15 to 7:55 or 8:25 most nights. I advised her that it's likely grounds for harassment, and to file a grievance anyhow--so she did.

    Come last Thursday our local sort sup is harassing her all night about being off the clock on time, and she was trying to explain that trucks are being unloaded until 9 pm every night, thus it's impossible to be done an hour earlier than that, to which the sup says "I understand and I hate being in the middle, but [much maligned center manager] wants you to try to follow the schedule. Frustrated with being harassed, she punches out at her "quit time" and goes home. Immediately fired, and now I'm taking over covering her job and being harassed about this schedule.

    So, will she get her job back? Also, now our local sort is down a reloader because I'm doing FDC work so not only is FDC not getting done on time, but local sort has been late every night because I'm arguably the fastest smalls sorter in the district (not that it's getting me anything, so maybe I should start being the slowest).

    My real question is what has UPS REALLY accomplished by all of these games and needless upheaval? Or are their tiny heads so far up their gaping posteriors that they haven't a clue what the heck they're even trying to accomplish? Also, what's a good strategy for dealing with the nightly harassment about schedule times? I have 14 years seniority, am the second ranking local sort reloader, and have just recently filed a grievance (pending) for supervisors unloading trucks when we had a guy sitting at home. Should I go straight for a harassment grievance or should I play stupid and pull the "I wasn't trained properly, so please show me how to do this work that hasn't even come down the belt yet" card?
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    Get used to it. The harassment will never stop. We had 10 guys in our center in last 2 weeks get written up or written warnings for stupid shiznitt. Only going to get worse with this new contract in play now. Trying to get people fired will be the new flavor of the month in the next few weeks to try and prove a point. Its always a new flavor of the week or month. KINDERGARTEN COP like always dude.
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    I mean I can understand the usual harassment from a logical standpoint. Boss is getting harassed by his/her boss to make numbers, they tell us to go faster. Any job is like that. What I DON'T get is the unreasonable/conflicting instructions. You can't tell me to do two conflicting things and then complain when I do one and not the other. Since I have purchased a Toyota and not a DeLorean, I am physically incapable of traveling to the future where the trucks have come in and been unloaded, load them into my DeLorean, go back to the past to process them, and punch out when you say I should--my guaranteed hours be damned. They're gonna find that missing Malaysian plane before they find my center's supervisors' heads up their posteriors.

    It's like I always say though, if it ain't broke--UPS will find a way to break it. If it is broke, UPS will wait 6 months+ to fix it.
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    Get used to it, it will be like that til the day you and I both retire and farther. It will never change.
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    Stuff like that happens all the time inside the gotta love the contradictions. My pt sup or center manager will tell me at the end of the sort to leave. I walk off the belt to clock out and the preload manager or an on car sup will stop me and tell me to take these packages and bring them...whereever. So, I tell them my center manager told me to leave...and they're like, I don't care..move these packages. So, I work as directed. When I finally go to clock out, my center manager yells at me because I was told to leave 15 min ago, why am I still here? :rolleyes2:
  6. jumpman23

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    Exactly its a game you cant win, its not designed for you to win. The sooner an employee here learns how the game is strategized, the better off they will be and content with the job that only they have control over.
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    Work as instructed and file a grievance later.

    If they want you to punch out early than when it's time to punch out ask them if they want you to finish or punch out then do what they tell you.

    IF you not getting your guarantee then file for it.
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    Been there on several occasions. File harassment for being fired and for back pay. Don't settle locally... send to the panel. This way you can expose the craziness management is putting it's employees through.
  9. grgrcr88

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    Are you telling me they post a scheduled clock in time as well as a scheduled clock out time for this position?
  10. SpicyItalian739

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    Yes, like tonight it has me on the FDC schedule from 6:15-8:25. I just laugh and tell them I'll have it done at that time when they figure out how to get drivers off the road before midnight and they don't seem to like that one. Unlike the lady they fired though, they seem to be ok with me continuing to work reload before and after FDC. She was third in seniority and they were starting her after reloaders at the bottom of seniority. I think she could file like 8 grievances at this point, so hopefully she gets her job back with back pay.
  11. grgrcr88

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    That's ridiculous. I would damn sure be asking my my 3.5 hr guarantee.