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  1. gixxer squid

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    So who has been dealing with these new clowns that Fedex decided to outsource to for doing background checks and verifying employment to save themselves a couple of bucks? We have been waiting weeks now to get new drones approved. It is an absolute mess. Management doesn't even know whats going on but I can say one thing is apparent. First Advantage CANNOT handle the volume!!! For any of you waiting on drones to get approved, have fun with the wait and numerous hold times on the 800 number. Another poor decision that benefits Fred and screws us…..
  2. Garciawork

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    From my understanding, the switch had more to do with FedEx releasing some of their control over the background checks with the upcoming court ruling and soon to be ISP switch (FedEx controls who is hired, so they are employees, that sort of thing). I was also told that a lot of stations were reporting 20+ day hiring phases when FedEx was in charge, and this was supposed to make it faster for them... sucks because my station was getting it all done in 5 days before.
  3. CJinx

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    I wonder if it's just a local thing. Our station uses a different vendor and the background checks back in 3-4 business days.
  4. northbound

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    Just running new driver through back ground was 3 days

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  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You would think with the Internet background checks would be much quicker than that.
  6. STFXG

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    It's mainly the employment verification. If the dates aren't exact it can take time. Each state is different though.
  7. Garciawork

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    Correct. I have been told that if a driver lists their start or end date at a previous employer off by one day, say June 1st instead of June 2nd, and the employer gives the other day when called for verification, the process halts until the driver comes in, fixes the error, and resigns the paperwork to begin again. Ridiculous, but if you make sure they come in with all exact dates, it will speed up the process.
  8. gixxer squid

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    Well don't you agree that if we are independent contractors than we the contractor, should have a say or a choice between at least 2-3 different companies to the the damn background check. Going on two weeks now and getting no where. P and D manager sitting in front of me today calling these ass clowns to get an update and still nothing. Terminal is trying to help so my fault does not lie with them at this point except the fact that they should not have outsourced it in the first place to save a dime.
  9. gixxer squid

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    We have 4 in the system, this is exactly what happened on one of them, prospect didn't have exact date he left and it got kicked back. Apparently the system doesn't have common sense or people pushing buttons and if you have over the 1.5 years of driving experience last 3 years than what difference does a month make on your dates.
  10. overflowed

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    Just so you ground guys understand what we Express people bitch about. The type of bitching you're speaking of is incorporated into every aspect of the Express opco. This type of bull:censored2:te is in every minute of our everyday life at work. Kick a quarter to save a penny. Enjoy, it will get worse with all the lawsuits.
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