First victory in UPS/MBE lawsuit goes to the franchisees of MBE

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by capnroxxor, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. capnroxxor

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    Mail Boxes Etc. (an indirect subsidiary of UPS) filed suit in federal Court in
    Southern California naming three prominent franchisees as defendants. MBE asked
    the court for a declaratory judgement ruling that it (MBE) had not violated the
    franchise laws with its UPS Store conversion scheme. Gordon & Rees, a prominent
    California law firm represented the franchisees in the matter. Miles Scully, a
    litigation partner at Gordon & Rees convinced the federal Judge to toss the
    case out. On October 2, 2003 the MBE action was dismissed!! [​IMG]
  2. dannyboy

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    Ahhh Am I missing something? If I bring a suit against someone, and later a judge throws it out, that means I have lost.

    According to your post, MBE lost, not UPS.

    But then again, most of what I have seen you post is far from being truthful.


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  3. capnroxxor

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    MBE in this case is refering to the UPS-owned franchisor of The UPS Stores and the Real MBEs, the ones who did not take the Gold Shield agreement. The suit that was dismissed was a countersuit by UPS/MBEcorp against the franchisees that originally filed suit against both MBEcorp and UPS. This means that the Franchisees have a valid case to bring against UPS and MBEcorp for possible franchise violations.

    I have not posted anything untruthful.
  4. tieguy

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    What he has posted is some preliminary motions were rejected. Nothing earth shaking here all to be expected.
  5. upssucks

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    TIEGUY, When a case is thrown out of court, that is not a preliminary motion. If the case were to continue then it would be a preliminary motion. Once a case is dismissed, it is over, thus there is no preliminary, since there is no longer a case. You must work for Rocky.
  6. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    Lets see I sue you, you sue me. I try to get your case thrown out you try to get mine thrown out. One case proceeds one gets thrown out. Am I missing anything? Looks very normal and very pretrial to me. Sorry you don't understand these complicated things.
  7. loyalmbe

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    Pretty simple, tieguy, the case brought by UPS had no merit, the judge saw that, dismissed it, it is over. UPS brought a frivolous retalitory suit and did not get away with it.

    Now, the original suit by the franchisees will be heard, and some of the defenses of UPS have already been stricken down. Their protestations that they violated no laws being the main claim that the first judge did not uphold.

    At this point, it is franchisees - 1, UPS - 0.
  8. tieguy

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    I'm thrilled to death you folks won one of many pretrial motions. Hell go out and celebrate while you have the chance.
  9. brown39

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    Again, just ignore these fools, they are baiting UPS'ers. They offer nothing but sarcasm and weak kneed excuses. Like it NOT their own fault that they are in trouble.
  10. loyalmbe

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    your level of comphrehension is subterranean.
    It is explained to yuo that there was a suit filed by MBE as an indirect subsidiary of UPS,

    You come back with your same tired rhetoric about it being a pretrial motion which is a fraudulent statement on your part. Whether you call yourself beegdadday or tieguy, you still are just as out of touch with reality as they come. You can't debate, so you muddy the waters with unfounded, untrue statements. It won't work!
  11. rushfan

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    Ok go back to the yahoo site where the unhappy franchisees can complain.
  12. tieguy

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    I'm all for ignoring the MBE idiots. My last post to them. Ta Ta
  13. brown39

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    Its funny to read a name "Loyal" then read the junk they post that indicates the only thing loyal is how they cannot deal honestly with the public, then have honest competition join the fray and they complain about it. When someone yells and says "its not about the money", ITS ABOUT THE MONEY.
  14. lemon

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    In what way are MBE store owners not dealing honestly with the public?
  15. capnroxxor

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    Hes loyal to the MBE brand that made him successful, not the UPS brand that threw out a 20-year old brand like an old shoe for an untested and thus far unsuccessful business model that may be illegal. Ever hear of a new franchise offering, UPS?
  16. brown39

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    Here they are again, complaining about their failure.
  17. loyalmbe

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    The only failures so far:

    UPS has failed to make the UPS Stores successful and profitable.

    MBE, as a subsidiary of UPS failed to prevail in its grudge suit against three franchisees who had sued them. MBE, as a subsidiary of UPS failed to convince a Judge to rule that they had not violated any franchisee laws, they failed in this attempt. This was a separate lawsuit, not a pre-trial motion as alleged here by one who either does not know what he is talking about or is intentionally trying to decieve.

    UPS failed to convince a judge to dismiss the case brought by the franchisees. This particular situation was a failed pre-trial motion.

    So far, all of the failures have been on the UPS side.
  18. loyalmbe

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    tieguy, you big phony, good strategy, pretend you are ignoring us, while responding to what others at least have the guts to say to our faces.

    that way, you will be reinforcing your cohorts message without even seeing the other side. Talk about hypocracy.

    Oh, well, beegdadday, hardly anyone takes you seriously anyway.

    too bad, little man.
  19. tieguy

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    Folks this Cubs / Marlins series looks like its shaping up to be a great one.
  20. proups

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    tieguy: I agree with you. The series should be a good one....but then look out for the Yankees!

    By the way, these MBE people posting to this site must be the same grumpy MBE owners that I used to pick up packages from....glad they got rid of them and went to the UPS Store....which by the way, is increasing the numbers of packages we pick up from there vs. MBE.