UPS/MBE problems?

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    Mail Boxes Etc. and UPS Store Franchisees to Picket UPS Annual Shareholder
    Meeting on Thursday, May 4, 2006 in Wilmington, Delaware

    LOS ANGELES, May 2 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 100 Mail Boxes Etc. and
    The UPS Store franchisees from across the United States will picket the
    United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) shareholder meeting in Wilmington,
    Delaware Thursday morning over issues related to multiple lawsuits filed
    against the world's largest consumer shipping and packaging network.
    More than 450 franchisees who own Mail Boxes Etc. stores and The UPS
    Stores have filed three lawsuits in California. In separate complaints, the
    franchisees accused UPS of intentional misrepresentation, concealment and
    breach of contract, intentionally failing to disclose performance and
    financial data in addition to multiple violations of franchisee laws among
    other allegations. The store owners, who say that UPS is undercutting their
    profits, claim the Atlanta-based shipper has made as stated in their
    complaint "unabashed and illegal efforts to profit on the backs of their
    own franchisees." Store owners are seeking compensatory and punitive
    damages as well as attorneys' fees and costs. Mail Boxes Etc., the UPS
    subsidiary, is headquartered in San Diego, California.
    PSA represents more than 130 franchisees. The group has a trial date
    set for November 14, 2006 in Los Angeles Superior Court. PSA is represented
    by attorney Miles Scully of Gordon & Rees LLP of San Diego.
    In 2006, The UPS Store Franchisees formed The Brown Shield Association
    to represent their grievances against UPS. Larry Bowdoin represents in
    excess of 200 franchisees who filed their complaint last month in Los
    Angeles Superior Court. The BSA is represented by high-profile lawyer
    Robert Shapiro of Christensen, Miller of Los Angeles.
    The Independent Association of Mail Box Center Owners, Inc. (IAMCO) is
    an independent trade organization of franchisees who also filed a lawsuit
    against UPS. This 35-member franchisee group is represented by attorney
    Michael Hankes of Boston. The IAMCO trial is scheduled for April 2007.
    In March 2001, UPS purchased the assets of Mail Boxes Corporation for
    approximately $192 million. At the time MBE was comprised of 3,400
    independent franchise locations in the United States and 1000 others
    In early 2003, UPS launched the Gold Shield campaign to convert 3,400
    U.S. MBE stores into The UPS Stores. UPS, and its wholly-owned MBE, chose
    not to issue a new Franchise Offering Circular (FOC) for Gold Shield. The
    FOC is a mandated disclosure document, which the Federal Trade Commission
    (FTC) requires be provided to all potential franchisees to review in order
    to evaluate the franchise prior to purchase.
    Instead UPS chose a five-page amendment to the 2003 MBE FOC. MBE
    franchisees involved in the lawsuit claim, in addition to other issues,
    that this failure to issue a new FOC did not comply with FTC regulations or
    the California Franchise Investment Law.
    Approximately 12% of the MBE franchisees rejected the 2003 conversion
    proposed by UPS. About 150 MBE franchisees formed the Platinum Shield
    Association in 2003 to pursue litigation in opposition to the UPS takeover.
    PSA filed their complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court and have a trial
    date set for November 14, 2006.
    Representatives of all franchisee associations will be present outside
    the UPS shareholder meeting and are available for media interviews.
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    Guess mgm't was so used to violating the contract with impunity they thought they could do the same with their new 'employees', the franchisees. Guess not.
  3. dannyboy

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    Wonder if FDX will have problems with their stores?

  4. anon

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    FedEx actually employees the people at their FedExKinko's locatons.
    UPS just acts like they do
  5. Maineiac

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    FedEx actually owns the FedEx Kinkos stores, including the planned mini store concept that copies (excuse the pun) The UPS Store's smaller footprint and emphasis on shipping.

    You gotta hand it to UPS, they achieved a network with 4 times the locations and paid a fraction of the price. Now they get mom & pop with dreams of owning their own business to pay the rent and work for no pay. The franchisees go bankrupt and lose their house and retirement nest egg while brown rakes in record profits. This is what Brown can do for you.

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  6. dannyboy

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    You make it sound like all of them are going broke. Then why is it that I have at least 15 within a short distance from here, and there are three people that own the majority of them. They are making money, otherwise they would not buy more.

    So I would suspect that maybe they are improperly operated? After all, you cant own a UPS store and make money, right? That old mean UPS.

  7. Maineiac

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    60% of the franchise network is below breaking even. That means that they cost more to run than they take in. This is before the owner takes a draw to pay for things like food for his family. Out of the remaining 40% that are profitable, 90% of those are marginably profitable. This is why there are lawsuits involving hundreds of store owners. Many, if not most of the stores involved in these suits are in the profitable 40%. The unprofitable ones cannot afford the cost of litigation.

    The fact that there are 15 stores around you is part of the problem. Oversaturation does not affect UPS negatively, but there are many stores out there that have seen dramatic declines in revenue because a new store has opened just straddling the edge of their territory.

    15 stores and 3 owners? I doubt it, that is definitely is not the norm. The norm is the owner owns 1 or 2 stores and they typically work their store. There have been cases where stores have been abandoned by franchisees who typically invest over $200,000 to open a store and the area franchisee have convinced another franchisee to take over operations for as little as $1.

    These stores used to be more profitable than they are now, but that was before UPS got involved and changed the business model. Improperly operated? Tell that to someone who ran a profitable MBE for 15 years. A lot of people jumped into this game after the rebranding in 2003 and bought into this based on the UPS brand. No profit right away can be explained as something to be expected, after 3 years - many owners are now realizing the truth, that the profitability will never come.

    You think a UPS Store is a great investment - ask the owners of over a thousand of these stores that are for sale right now why they can't find a buyer? Ask one of those 3 owners around you how thrilled they are with their investment and what they think of UPS.

  8. dannyboy

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    I have and do ask them. And while they will be the first to tell you it is not easy money, they do work hard and make a profit.

    Maybe that is what the problem with you guys really is. Dont understand that you have to work for a living. Just because you latched your lucky stars to the UPS wagon.......

    Funny, you guys like to come here to post your problems. Why is that? Not enough press out there for you to play nice to?

    So do your media interviews, let the judge do his/her thing. You made the decision to go with the UPS store. And just like all those people that wanted to get rich off UPS stock right off the bat, it just isn't going to happen.

  9. upsdawg

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    What would have happened if the company that owned MBE before UPS bought them went bankrupt ( I beleive it was American Stationary??) before UPS bailed them out---where would those MBE/UPS Store be?? Maybe the UPS Gold Shield program, where all stores have to charge the same rate brings in less revenue to the stores-----this should not be the only source of revenue to these stores---how about monies that the stores bring in for private post office boxes--packaging supplies---copies/faxes?? I have been in a MBE store prior to UPS buying them---and even though the MBE Store was getting a 40% discount on what UPS would be charging---the MBE Stores would add another 40% and "Gouge" the customer----so yes some of the UPS Stores/MBE locations are not making the same 50-100% profit on the customer--------if UPS had not purchased MBE , do you think that customers would not be breaking down the FedEx Kinko doors to ship packages-------and guess what----customers are not going to the UPS Stores/MBE Stores because they can get similar service--if not better customer service there---and it is CHEAPER--as n lower rates than what the UPS Stores are charging!!

    I really think that the locations that are complaining should get out of the business--sell their franchise and get into something that they can charge the customer whatever they want to!!

    I have also seen MBE locations that provide horrible service and the people running them should not be dealing with the public!!
  10. funwithups

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    you maroon,it's unbelievable to me that you ever ascended to a position higher than janitor.are you serious? i work 70 hours a week doing better shipping,better,service,better follow up than any ups employee at a fraction of the pay. do you own a business? no, because you never had the balls or the manliness to go out into the world on your own you friggin' loser,wanna be,never was, are nothing more than a sniveling coward. dont speak to men when you are a little boy. what a piece of garbage you are so conditioned to be a slave,you cant understand free people when they voice their brown piece of friggin' turd.:mad:
  11. moreluck

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    funwithups: Gosh, what a fun guy you are!!

    Be careful about slinging arrows when you don't know what you are talking about.

    Danny, that post doesn't even deserve a response.
  12. Maineiac

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    Hmm, be careful slinging arrows when you don't know what you are talking about???? I guess that would be a UPSer talking out of his a-- about the retail pack and ship business.

  13. Maineiac

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    Sort of like those providers of "world class customer service" at 800-pickups. That is if you can figure out how to get past the wall of automation they hide behind.

    Guess what dawg, the stores, along with the drivers are the public face of UPS. Ask any store employee how many calls he fields from UPS's customers per day. UPS doesn't want to deal with their customers so they pawn it off on their red headed step child.

  14. Maineiac

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    So Dannyboy, just how many hours do you log in a week? So "the boss of the destitute" eh? Does that mean you are one of those hub supervisors whose job it is to shout "move it, lets go" to the part time truck loaders at the hub so that they run double time to the time clock at the end of the shift? Bet that makes for a hard day!

    I have met and worked with a lot of UPSers. Most of them are great. The drivers are second to none when it comes to professionalism and courtesy. Against DHL and Fedex drivers it is no contest. The average DHL driver always looks like he forgot to shave and smoked his breakfast.

    What the good UPSers all have in common is if they get a cut, they bleed red, not brown. They do their job, but they don't drink the Kool Aid. They also don't go shooting their mouth off about something they know nothing about. Then there are the other ones. I think with UPS, the Peter Principle is alive and well. Its not always the cream that rises to the top you know.

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    OK, I dont want to get into a heated exchange with either side on this matter, but I do have a little (local)news on this matter. The UPS store in the area I work in just closed up its doors last Thursday or Friday. I haven;t talked with anyone first hand , but I do know the owner (retired from UPS management several years ago) , opened this store and another one in a neighboring city several miles away. The notice on the locked door says (store closed for failure to pay rent) Signed landlord. I have heard alot of customers (coming to another package drop off center that I pickup from) expressing outrage. This is really going to hurt UPS's image in this area.
  16. upsdawg

    upsdawg UPSDAWG

    Maniac----so you want to represent UPS, but in only situations where you don't have to expend and energy?? I would think that you would welcome calls from potential customers?

    You didn't respond as to what would have happened if the Mother Station-ary store went bankrupt----where would you be--would you be an "Independent"---would you still be in the Pack and ship business??

    I am not saying that the UPS Control over the UPS Stores is perfect--and would hope that there are things that are going to happen in the future that will compliment both UPS and the UPSS's. You are not UPS---and yes, I am sure that you feel like the Red Headed Stepchild sometimes-----but I would caution you to belittle-ing any UPS Drivers or employees on this thread because a lot of us have blood that is a cross between Brown and Red--and will stand up for what we believe in---and will be here long after your store closes--whether you sell it,,change the name, or give it back to UPS!
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    {deleted by moderator for TOS violations}
  18. upsdawg

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    funguy---I don't know what you are smoking or what language you are speaking-- "farbissine goyim"????? -but as I mentioned earlier--if you are not happy with UPS--SELL YOUR STORE!! I know you own it, that is why you can sell it-----this isn't rocket science--if you are not happy put a for sale sign on it--or walk away if you don't think that is somehting that has any value at all!! Life is too short---open up a sandwich shop or widget store---don't rely on a Franchise--stand alone--do it yourself--than you have only yourself to blame if you are not successful or happY!!

    You are still avoiding answering the question----what would you have done if the previous Franchise Owner had gone bankrupt----would the Store Owners have gone independant----out of business--or what??
  19. funwithups

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    All The UPS Stores are for sale {edited by moderator for violation of TOS}
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    goy / goyim....a non-jewish person