Flex start times??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trouble maker, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. trouble maker

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    Does any other buildings have what UPS calls flex start times? This is where say your schedule driver start time is 9:00 and the preload and NDA wrap up at 8:45. Does your center manager let you get a head start and get on the road??
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Yes, if the preload is wrapped and the NDA is here we are allowed to start early.
  3. Jones

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    Around here it's a little bennie for the guys who are in there loading their trucks an hour before their start time every day anyway. Every blue moon management throws them a treat and they get to start 10 or 15 minutes early.
  4. 728ups

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    not in my center. start time is 8:30,and it dosen't matter if preload is wrapped at 8,we cant start until 8:30. management has told me that people are used to being in certain places at certain times and the early start time is money down the drain as drivers will stick to thier routines
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    Our center pushed our start time back to 8:45, then started saying we could start early if the preload was wrapped up. Most of us stopped playing that game because it became a win, win situation for them. If everything runs smooth, they'll cut an air driver or two and pile it on the regular routes and have us break off. If they are running a little behind, well, they've lost nothing.
  6. soberups

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    We have the "flexible" start times, which is nice for the simple reason that you never have to worry about being late to work and you can skip the PCM's. I just show up when I show up, clock on, change my scheduled start time in the DIAD to match my punch-in time, get into the truck and go.
  7. packageguy

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    Our building we don't start early, not fair to the senior guys. we have guys that start 8:45 and are in building at 7 am. senior guys come in at 8:40. one day they started drivers early all seniority drivers grieved it, company had to pay and company was not happy.
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    Thanks for the feedback

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    exactly. I like it. Usually everyone is gone or pulling out as I'm just walking into building. Less stress, less bs. Get in car and go.

    Why people get there an hour before start time is a joke. I call em Nervous Nellies. I punch out with them sometimes and laugh saying, "I got here an hour later than u, took my lunch, and we still get done at the same time". Or i say why don't u stick around an hour after u punch out. Same thing. STUPID!
  10. brownmonster

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    Flex time also. Works well.