Florida Marlins Bring McKeon Out of Retirement

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    The Florida Marlins rehired 80 year old Jack McKeon as manager yesterday. Rumor was they had to wake him from his afternoon nap to tell him. I'm sorry, but when I turn 80, the last thing that I would want to do is manage a baseball team. Are you telling us that there was no one else in the entire organization capable of running the team and you had to go to the nursing home for a manager?
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    Not the way I would go, but hey, I don't own the team.
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    Never to old to have fun, lol
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    One cannot believe everthing you read in the paper.
    Dated Sep 26 2011

    Jack McKeon not returning as Marlins manager in 2012.

    Florida Marlins manager Jack McKeon said Monday he will retire as expected at
    the end of the season.
    The 80-year old manager made the announcement before the Marlins' game
    against the Washington Nationals.

    McKeon, who was a Marlins special assistant when the season began, took over
    as interim manager after Edwin Rodriguez resigned.

    Jack McKeon not returning as Marlins manager in 2012
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    This just in: Jack Mckeon say's Hitler just misunderstood.
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    If you just invested millions in a new stadium smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood of those he has inflamed, yea. It's cheaper than watching the joint burn to the ground.