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    I am a PT sup and was curious what my fmla options are for having a baby. Wife is due in October so I've got time to figure it out. If my vacations fall before the baby is born will I be required to move them? I just want to be prepared when I go to my center manager. TIA.
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    No you will not be required to move your vacations.
    Fill out the application and designate it for Intermittent FMLA and also check the box to hold a week of vaca separate from FMLA if you would like to save one. That is your choice, many do.
    By choosing Intermittent you will be able to take your FMLA in any time increments you need. Weeks, days, hours, even minutes. In filing for FMLA in a pregnancy situation you will apply for both the mother and child. This will allow you to go with your wife to Dr. appts before the birth as well as after the birth for both of them. Obviously you can also take the time after your baby arrives to assist your wife in recovery as well as spend time with that newborn.