Forced to take break?

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  1. EmraldArcher

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    Say Driver A is told to go and meet Driver B at a UPS store. A few minutes after arriving, Driver A is sent a message informing him that Driver B is being delayed by traffic or whatever and won't arrive for another 15 minutes.

    Can Driver A be forced to punch out and take part of his break while waiting?
  2. over9five

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    Is it inside the contractual time window for the break?
    They definitely can't tell you to take "part" of the break. Take it all and when the other driver gets there, make sure he has to wait till you're done with the break.
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    They cant tell you when to take your break... I mean technically they can and you have to comply then file a grievance. But over is correct, if they tell you too take break take the whole thing. Whether you warn them or not is entirely up to you
  4. rod

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    "Back in the day" I would have taken a break like they told me to (work as directed)----------------but not counted it toward my regular hour of break. I would have been an extra 15 minutes over allowed for that day. Numbers- schunbers-------who gives a flying .... about their numbers.
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    Working as directed isn't free. They can't tell you to take lunch when they are the ones that pay you to work and follow their directions, which includes waiting for their driver to get there. Next time tell them if you clock out you're taking the whole hour and that driver can wait for you to get done with your consecutive lunch.
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    Assuming your local contract has two paid breaks and one unpaid lunch break. The contract indicates when break is to be taken (between which hours of your work day). If you haven't already taken it and it is in those hours. Then yes, you should follow the directive and take a break. During the break when the driver comes you should stay on break for the duration of the break. If the other driver is not on break also, then he\she should do whatever split (give you work, take work off car).
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    They certainly wouldn't be able to make me.
  9. Cementups

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    I meet my neighbor almost daily for misloads and I can 100% guarantee you that neither one of us is going to take our break waiting for the other to get there.
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    Here is one for you. Did this twice when I was too new to question it. If you have lunch time remaining, can they make you take it in the case of a breakdown? Or better yet, when they force to me to close out a UPS store, and have to wait until it's closing time. That's the one that really urks me.
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    I don't answer the DIAD right away. Oh how I love that sound!
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    I'll gladly take break if I have it if I get stuck in the snow or something. Not for a vehicle breakdown though and certainly not to wait on a ups store (although I would never have break left that late anyway).

    I once waited an hour for them to get me another vehicle when mine broke down. I did one stop after the new truck then drove straight to lunch. I'm sure they loved that.
  14. Cementups

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    No, if your vehicle breaks down you code it under "other work, vehicle breakdown" (or something like that). It's not your fault the truck broke down.
    And if you have to wait for a pickup to close then you remain on the clock with the stop open in the board.

    I only ever too my lunch over a breakdown one time. I was in walking distance of where I normally take lunch so told the mechanic where I would be taking my lunch and he came and picked me up there and then drove us both back to the truck. That was the only reason I did it too, otherwise I would have sat there and got paid.
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    I was agreeing with everyone in this thread until I thought back to when I worked inside and they would call break way early if a belt went down or something. If they can get away with that they can probably get away with requesting we take break if in the contractual window on the road....however I've been known to go to lunch without responding to a message if an on'
    car was in need of an attitude adjustment.
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    I did one of these once, too. "Are you close to anywhere that you can take your lunch?" "Nope, not a single place." "Sit tight, we'll be there soon..." An hour later... and a nice long nap, and then I went to lunch :-D