former MBE on my route had thier account cancelled by UPS

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    A customer counter that was formerly an MBE has had thier account terminated by UPS. The company gave them an ultimatum: ship only UPS packages,pay a franchise fee or lose your shipping account.
    Long story short: the store changed thier name and now 50-100 packages a day are now going to FEDEX. During Peak FEDEX dropped off a feeder for daily pickup.
    I informed my center manager of this,and i kid you not, i was told 'UPS dosent want or need all of the volume generated by such customer counters' and that she doubted 'FEDEX can make a profit on such packages'.................. she also told me if people wanted to ship UPS and coudnt at that store they would have no problems driving 5 miles across town to a UPS store,or scheduling an OCA.
    Of course once a month when my On Road wants a lead, i turn thier name in,along with the numbers of Ground,Air and International that could be obtained
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    As part of the lawsuit filed by UPS Store owners UPS is not allowed to admit these other outlets exist. I have a pak n ship on my route. If a customer calls UPS to ask where they can ship a box they will not include this place. They get sent to a letter box or a UPS Store 30 minutes away.