Fortune Names FedEx to Top 100 Companies List

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Once again, Fortune Magazine has inexplicably named FedEx Express one of the "100 Best Companies To Work For" in the U.S. It looks like their choice parameters focused on the FedEx "No-Lay-Off" policy, their "diversity", and "promote from within" philosophy. Having worked there for many years, and seeing the results of the annual Employee Satisfaction Survey (SFA), I find this quite hard to fathom. Over 50% of employees thought they were underpaid, and over 30% thought that the company benefits were inadequate. Overall scores evaluating management were also quite low. If you were to ask most couriers on the street, they would say that it just plain sucks.
    In my opinion, UPS is a much better company to work for. They pay better, the benefits are very good, and there is also a good opportunity to be promoted from within if you want it. Unlike FedEx, most UPSer's I encounter are pretty happy with their jobs, proud to work for UPS, and actually earn a pretty good living.
    So why doesn't UPS ever make this list?
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    Who cares if they don't make the list as long as I get my fat check every friday, I don't have to pay for my benefits, and a nice pension after 30 years, and being in a union that protects me and my job it really doesn't matter. Fed Ex doesn't offer any of that. I would love to know what they base that on the company is in total disarray. Betwwen lawsuit's from the owner operator's to failing to pay overtime they are a friggin joke!!!!
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    I find that surprising. However, the FedEx express guy that runs in my route area is very happy. He works 8 hours max each day and is home by 5pm. I manage to talk with him a couple minutes each day and he seems happy. However I do know he earns a good $11 less an hour and I could also imagine what he is not making without the overtime.

    I think UPS sucks as far as a job goes, at least in my center. The 10-11 hour days, stress filled mornings struggling to get my air off on time with no help or encouragement from management. The I-dont-care attitude from management with any concern I bring up.

    Then again, the high wages and great benefits with the hope of a good pension someday keep me motivated to keep it up and just do the best I can. I would say that UPS is much better than FedEx, even though the lazy stress free days of FedEx seem nice.
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    Why is this posted under UPS threads when you have "The Competition" to post the Fedex news??:dead:
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    Because it's a question for UPS the last line. It's definitely a better company(at least for the workers), so why doesn't UPS ever make these sort of lists? Sorry, but it's a legitimate question for the people (like you) who should have the answers. FedEx sucks as an employer, so why do they get recognition they don't deserve?
  6. satellitedriver

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    OUD has a valid point.

    Placing a qualifier, one line question, at the end of a twelve sentence diatribe against FDX being placed on a list above UPS is a poor reason to pose your question on a UPS thread.
    The simple answer to your question is, the money spent by FDX to kiss up to the list makers.
    If FDX is so bad to work for then quit FDX and apply for a job at UPS.
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    I totaly agree he always want's to bring Fed Ex stuff to Ups forum's. Use the Fed Ex forum for that!!!!
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    Whatever. I'm sorry I've violated your sacred inner sanctum. Maybe UPS sucks worse than FedEx.
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    Has UPS continued to win the "Most Admired" of the industry? I heard that we were dethroaned for the first time in like 20 years a couple of years back but I haven't heard nothing about it since then.
  10. MrFedEx

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    One would think you'd like a little controversy on this site, and would be interested in seeing things from another perspective. Apparently not, as most of you do your best to chase-off anyone who isn't Brown enough for you. Small minds think in small boxes, or in this case, "parcels". :whiteflag::whiteflag::whiteflag::whiteflag:
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    IMHO, you came to BrownCafe with an agenda.
    You were allowed, by Cheryl, to have a forum for Fedex in Brown Cafe to share your fedup with Fedex views.
    We (the Brown people) would like to read the controversy/ perspective in the workings of Fedex in the Fedex forum provided in BrownCafe.
    No one is trying to chase you or anyone else off.
    BrownCafe has enough controversy in UPS Discussions, without any purple help.
    As to the small minds comment, all I can say is, "Sorry, Suzy." All of our small brown brains added together have more weight than your great big purple brain.
    I post this as an individual, not as a moderator.
    My opinions are my own.
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    Satellite Driver,
    Are you taking it upon yourself to speak for everyone? I'm sure plenty of others share your opinion, but it's certainly presumptious to speak for "them". It's also presumptious to assume I have an agenda (I don't), which you're welcome to explain to me, since you apparently have all the answers. Are you also omniscient?
    My purpose has always been to become more informed about UPS culture, because most of what FedEx is and has become is derived from many UPS policies and procedures. To know UPS better is to also know my direct supervisors and their bosses better, because an awful lot of them are ex-UPS. I've learned a lot, and hope to continue to learn from this site. I've also realized there are a lot of narrow minds on this site who don't like anything other than a steady diet of Brown.
  13. local804

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    Fedex $87.92
    UPS $72.42

    In Fedexs defense, Whenever UPS was on Fortunes list it was a big deal. They talked about it alot in PCMs and made a big deal about it. Do we not talk about it anymore because we cant hold the top mark anymore? His post can be related to UPS also, so give him a break.

    Well atleast we have Dale racing the brown truck to talk about.
  14. sendagain

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    I don't mind hearing a little of the pain over at the competitor's business; that's mostly what we hear on this site. If a little bloom is coming off the rose for Wall Street's darling, that's okay by me. I've suffered enough jabs at my stock and my company, while people working for Fred are all hailed. Besides, this guy is a much better writer than many of our people; a little literary knowledge can be a breath of fresh air, and some posters can barely type, let alone put a train of thought together.
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    I agree this one should have stayed in their part of the house. Since most upsers have never worked for both companies most would not be qualified to respond to his question.

    I agree with sat this guy has some kind of agenda here. Sat is welcome to speak for me on this matter any time.
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  16. tieguy

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    We tolerate your existence here. Don't push it beyond that.

    I really don't care to experience your sharing unless it involves pictures of fred smith caught in some type of indescretion.
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    Or mabey the mug shot of Fred son. Hell thats going back a bit..10yrs maybe.
  18. satellitedriver

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    I started my post with, IMHO and ended it stating my opinion is my own.
  19. MrFedEx

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    It is, and I don't.
  20. MrFedEx

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    Fred has had plenty of indiscretions...he's just too crafty to leave much evidence. And you're full of it when it comes to determining my intentions. I like to be informed, plain and simple. You're the one always stirring the pot. Get over it. My manager is an ex-UPS IE and my Senior Manager is an ex-UPS Feeder Supervisor. Do you think they brought any baggage with them when they came over to FedEx? They're both as Brown as you are.