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    Well survived another day at express. Today I had to people run red lights on me today. The first guy just didn't even pay attention and just blew through a light the was red for a while. The second one was different. He decided to turn in front on me while I had a green turn arrow. Wasn't a big deal, late in the day no real traffic wasn't in a rush. The part that happens after this is what got me. After the guy cut me off... About a half mile down the road the guy gets t bone by a another car the runs a stop sign. Don't know if it is divine intervention or just weird luck. So stay safe out there guys

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    No divine intervention or luck. His action towards you gives indication that he isn't a good driver by the methods - like looking left-right-left, which is in state DMV manuals - and probably doesn't know how to clear an intersection. It was just a matter of time and circumstance.

    Had a driver in my center on Thursday have someone exit a driveway in front of him trying to make a left - handed turn - it was a four - lane roadway, with our driver in the right lane. Speeding SUV in left lane - unseen by person exiting driveway - is clipped in the rear by the exiting driver, causing the SUV to first go on to two wheels, and then crash down on its side and slide for several hundred feet. He said it was like something out of a movie.

    Myself, and you, I presume? We probably don't go blowing by trucks at high speeds when we can't see around them, or exit very, very carefully when exiting driveways.