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    There are some really helpful free things online that pose no threat,yet offer some great
    free programs that make life easier.I know everyone has different ideas about what things
    they treasure,and realise that it could get quite bizzare.
    OK I'll start.
    If you use windows paint,there is a free program that enhances your capabilities called
    that is not quite paint shop pro,but it works well...
    Post your favorite site that helps you do stuff.
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  2. moreluck

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    My guy uses You Tube for step by step instructions to fix anything. Some of the searches were.....How to change the fan belt in a "99 Blazer.....and how to change the computer panel on my digital oven..........

    He is handy anyway, but the step by step instructions are a huge money saving feature. Our oven would've been a $1599 service call................he paid a couple hundred for the parts and did the work himself.

    It's been a great help and he swears by it. You Tube is not just for music!!!
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    Anybody know of a really good free Fax software ?