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    Here is a flyer that you can print and hand out to your fellow employees. Remember only handout during lunches and off the clock.:cool:
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    Great post. I don't plan on being with FedEx Express long, just as I get through school, but I do hope you career folks get unionized soon.
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    Well, two things....

    1. Express Couriers are on the road during their lunches - no way to get these handbills to them 'off the clock'. Station level organizers in Express are going to have to get creative to get handbills out - no two ways about it.

    2. This does show the IBT is doing something with Freight (as I said many months ago).

    I wanted the Express Couriers to call the IBT to learn FIRST HAND that the IBT has left for dead the Express Couriers. I think this has ended the notion of the IBT riding out to the rescue any time soon.

    The Express Couriers are going to have to do it ON THEIR OWN. This applies to WHATEVER union they choose.

    It has been a month now, and all I've seen going on around here is petty mud slinging between Ground contractors and Express Couriers, chit chat about everyday activities, a FedEx shill throw in a few remarks, a few intrepid individuals that have actually place calls into either the IBT or IAM (bravo to you) - and that is about it.

    The heroic twit has taken to taunting you with his daily, "no union message" (what in the hell is that going to accomplish....), and the same old back and forth and gone on.

    Rome is burning... What in the hell are you doing about it?

    To someone dropping in here thinking they are going to find anything of use - they will quickly learn that if this is the best that is out there, Express will never organize.

    Its about time for those here to either commit themselves to achieving what they want and be willing to do the work - or just plain admit defeat and head to the shearing shed like good sheep.

    I outlined the steps necessary, and it involves the building of 'network' (the establishment of a clearing house of information, with DISCIPLINE and FOCUS). All that is going on here is 50+ cats going in different directions, with the goal of getting the next meal, but not unified in how to actually achieve that as a COLLECTIVE. In the face of the RLA and without formal established union control of organizing activities, YOU are going to have to be willing to do some work, take direction and work towards achieving a goal.

    With the obstacle of the RLA, having 50 brave souls getting 75% of their station to sign rep cards for whatever union won't mean SQUAT - when organizing is done on a national basis. If NLRA rules were in place, then yes, you could work to organize your station, get enough stations to do likewise, then have a certification vote with just those stations.

    Since RLA is national level, the organization MUST be on a national level. This means that the most important thing Couriers will do is to establish a network of like minded Couriers in stations surrounding theirs, reporting the activity to a single 'clearing house' ("Grassroots Network") and working to get organizers in at least 400 of the 600 or so stations out there (all major metro stations MUST have an organizer in them). With this level of organization, you MIGHT be able to get a union to petition for certification vote if you get in enough cards.

    ​Without this level of organization, you are frankly pissing in the wind.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The Union is not the end-all, be-all of our existence. Yes, it would be better than what you currently have, but it is not the Savior by any means.
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    I am asking this in all seriousness and concern----do you really have nothing better to do with your day?
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    Petty mud slinging is fun.
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    Do you think UPS would have paid you as well all these years without the union? Would your retirement be near as comfortable?
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    from small petty waves become great breaking power.
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    Before my time (2003) there was -legend has it- a serious effort in the southern region in a large metro area to goes bear with me I've been drinking... A meeting was held at a drivers apartment clubhouse on a Saturday evening, the previous week the word was put out and something like 200 people showed up, that's believable were talking about 9 stations in the city and mine had over 150 routes. Someone informed management, that Monday the 5 or 6 people spearheading the effort were told during p1 cycle to leave the route drive back to the building get in their pov and drive to district office to meet with the then district manager et al. No one knows what was discussed, threats or whatever to the 5 but union talk stopped immediately. I heard this at my first station, I transferred to another station in the city and heard same story(I've since moved out of area). This organizing I hate to say will never happen. Those of us under 15 years will never see top out which personally is all I care about. Any other negativity-who cares.
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    at my terminal I hand out flyers before my shift starts and as I walk out for the day. Texting or emailing to key people who are also pro union works also. :mad::cool:so they can communicate to their key people. Once you educate your fellow employees on what a union is about and the importance of one in the workplace management will start fearing YOU!

    The main weapon FedEx has in fighting an organize drive is FEAR and lies! management hates an educated employees.

    knowledge is power!

    stand up and be counted!
    fedex union.jpg
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    obviously these people were not educate about a union.

    I once had the regional manager come up to me and said what I was doing was wrong, organizing. I told him that after 25 years at FedEx dat my retirement here sucks. also I told him it was against the law to talk to me about by you activity. from that day on. he has never approached me and talked about the Teamsters


    That's the beauty of being at Freight and not Express. At Orange, if we even mention it in passing in front of the wrong person, the Brute Squad comes in and works everyone over verbally or through visual intimidation. I bet good ol' uncle Fredward wishes he could deal with the "sympathizers" the way Henry Ford did...violently.
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    Has anyone one ever talk to those 5 or 6 guys about their experience that day? its hard to believe, I'm not saying that your lying, that 6 guys would just leave their balls outside the door and not confront management? This could also be a management story to scare the mass's! This :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ing company would do anything to keep the union out. I've seen campaigns in my area run so fast, emotionally everyone were so eager to vote YES, then the company started their anti campaign, the employees got so intimidated by the companies lies and tactics, the organizing failed.

    Education Education Education My Express Brothers and Sisters!
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    You have NO idea how many times I've heard that story. But, I do wish you luck.
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    3% Vacation Raise
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    By law, management is supposed to be "neutral" on unionization. They can only talk about it if you talk about it first, and even then, the conversation is limited. That said, I've heard many managers bad-mouth unions over the years, or tout some FedEx perk or benefit as a "reason we don't need a union".
    You are so right about the Goon Squad/Brute Squad being called into action as soon as anyone seriously entertains the idea of unionizing. The Ground effort at Brockton immediately comes to mind, and the FedEx tactics used there are exactly the same ones they used at Express back in the 90's, and the same ones they will use again if there is a strong drive.

    It's all illegal, but none of that matters to Mr. Smith.
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    Can you elaborate on this?
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    I'm obviously with brown but honestly what's the lies that scare people away? I just don't see much down side for u all.
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    I'm with Upstate here,the teamsters tend to take more than they give.

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    Says the guys getting paid $32 an hour, fully paid health ins, and a pension you could actually live on. Let me know when you want to switch.