Friend has cancer - should he take disability or layoff?

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    Help For Friend With Cancer

    SS to break in here, but I need help for a friend with cancer who works for UPS, PLEASE!
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    Re: Lunch

    My friend has heard that his job will be terminated in Pendleton, IN in about 2 weeks and he is being told nothing by UPS or the Union.
  3. klg

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    Re: Lunch

    Should he take the disability stuff his doctor says to now, or wait to be "laid off"?
  4. scratch

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    More details please, How bad is his cancer and what kind of treatment is he under? What kind of job does he have and is he unable to work at all? I know a few people that were out of work for a couple of years because of surgeries for work-related injuries, they were eventually able to return to work. I don't know of anybody fighting cancer and facing a job loss though. I had a minor case of skin cancer myself but caught it early before it became serious.
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    He has a bladder cancer. He's my friend's dad, and the UPS employee and my friend (his daughter) are trying to figure out how he can best get health care and maybe enough money for food when he gets "laid off" or "terminated" or "disabled" or whatever. They can't get any info out of the local people, and without an employee handbook or something, I'm thinking that he should just would do better to be "unemployed" and get Medicaid than try to pay COBRA if he's "laid off". How much notice do they give you about lay-offs, losing bennies, etc.?
  6. klg

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    In his 60s, bladder cancer in early stages, but it always comes back given his diagnosis. Also has heart issues that have kept him out of work before. He needs a major surgery (bladder removal) but is unsure whether to do that and be "disabled" under UPS rules or wait until he's "laid off" if the rumors are true. How does he find out if he'll have a job in a few weeks?
  7. scratch

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    I would think the first thing to do would be to go down to the Union hall and talk about his options with a business agent or person on the staff that deals with health benefits and pensions. The union steward in his building probably has never dealt with an issue like this, they focus more on workplace problems. He should also go talk with the Human Resources person instead of his immediate management team. I would also call UPS Corporate and ask for the department that handles things like this. Often times a person will ask the wrong person or not know the right place to go to solve a problem, so they get discouraged. I wish I could be of more help, best of luck to him in making this decision.
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    Maybe think about getting FMLA first, before the layoff.
  9. bubsdad

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    Also, advise him to talk to more than 1 person in management. The first person he talks to may not have dealt with this and will try to "come up" with an answer. Not saying they would be doing it with ill intent, just saying that sometimes people will tell you how they think it works without knowing the facts. Good luck to him. Hope he can find someone who is compassionate and willing to help.
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    Yes. get FMLA FIRST...then proceed as Scratch suggested.

    how many years does your friend have i with UPS?
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    First off, you need some legal help. While there are a lot of smart people here, your needs go deep, also someone that is very familar with insurances that are in place right now. IF he goes out on disability, and the insurance for that is lost, then will disability still pay without the premiums being paid. What about medical treatments, can they afford cobra payments.

    If you are looking for disability through the gooberment, sorry, chances are he will be in the grave before they give it to him. Could take years.

    You really need a conserted plan to cover both short term and long term needs. For sure a knee jerk action now will have longterm effects if it is not the right one.

    I dont know if there would be a difference if he was management of hourly, but I do know the insurances are far different.

    Have him get legal and insurance help. under $100 now will save a lot of grief later.

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    Re: Lunch

    Let me make sure I understand your question.

    Your friend has cancer.

    Your friend has heard his job may be eliminated in two weeks.

    Your friend does not know whether he will go out on disability now or wait two weeks to get his cancer treated?
    Your friend makes his decision on a life and death treatment based on what may happen with his job?

    troll alert!!!
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    Thanks to all for the advice. And yes, tieguy, some people have to make life and death treatment decisions based on money. That is why I'm trying to help my friend navigate the system so that treatment can be continued beyond his employment if he's laid off.
  14. bluehdmc

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    Some states you cannot be laid off if you're on disability, basically they have to wait till you return to work, (or at least ok'd by the doctor) to lay you off.
  15. feederdriver06

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    Wouldn't it make sense to go out on disability and get paid rather than get laid off and not get paid. I think its a no brainer.
  16. toonertoo

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    I believe short term disability will last two yrs. His unemployment wont. Best wishes and prayers to your friend.
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    other catch is if you are unable to work, then you can't collect unemployment. If you are onunemployment and a week goes by in hospital, you can't collect that week on unemployment, the people at the unemployment office will tell you disability is your option. You can dance between the two programs but it is hard enough to get ball rolling, let alone rolling, stop rolling and start rolling again.
  18. 705red

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    Here short term disability lasts for 6 months and long term for 5 years. Your medical benefits continue while on disability. If it was me knowing what I know, I would go on disability, receive my medical and close to $500 a week.

    But please contact your local union and see how it is done in your area! Do this ASAP, do not wait!