From Package Handler to a Feeder Driver

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    How long does it take for a package handler with an A Class CDL license with 6+ years in driving experience to bid for a feeder driver position. Or do you have to be a package delivery driver 1st as a requirement to be a feeder driver. Location applied whites creek, TN. Are there many people waiting to be feeder, tractor city driver's in whites creek, tn?

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  2. Cementups

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    Go to your feeder department and sign the list and find out. Not really much we can help you with here. Every center/hub is different.
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    It's depend on your location. You need to ask a feeder driver or read you supplement because in different areas there are different rules. In New England it would be about 20 years or more as everything goes by seniority not matter what experience you have because if you win the bid they send you to school. So everyone above you on the seniority list has first choice if they sign the bid. In other areas they hire feeder drivers off the street that already have a class A.