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    I received my "From the Chairman" fluff piece in the mail today. Wow! Whomever they have writing this stuff really deserves an award. They are more than earning their salary. As I read the section about 'Recapping peak', my mouth was hanging open at either how oblivious they are in Memphis, or how oblivious they think we are. They had the audacity to say that our delivery metrics were amongst the best they've ever recorded. Maybe, they are talking about the actual number of packages delivered on the due date. But, umm, I work at one of the larger stations, and we were still delivering Christmas packages on the Monday after Peak that had been collecting dust in the building for A WEEK, because we had no bodies.

    The only difference between our Peak performance and UPS' Peak performance was UPS was willing to own it and accept the repercussions, and FedEx swept it under the rug and let UPS take the hit. Unbelievable!!
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  2. MrFedEx

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    Totally believable, because perpetuating the fantasy of a well-run opco is essential. For them to admit failure is to admit they failed, which they did...miserably. And that will never happen, because in Purple Fairy Land, all the packages get delivered on time by happy little fairly elf couriers who crap gumdrops and love Uncle Fred. Hey, I've got to go!! The Rainbow Pony I ride for deliveries is telling me it's time to get out there and deliver the love.
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    Peak 2013 was a total disaster. This is a fact! We failed because of piss poor planning all over the country. Peak shipping trends have changed and they need to get with the program. We have a year of planning folks, let's see what happens
  4. MrFedEx

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    All the planning in the world cannot replace dedicated and motivated employees. In general, these no longer exist at Express. Nobody cares because they are treated like crap, and that directly translates to poor customer service and lowered levels of productivity.

    They can threaten and cajole and OLCC all they want, and people won't respond...except by quitting, performing WAD, and acting like WalMart workers. Yes, are getting what you pay for. And if your piss-poor planning is factored-in, Peak 2014 will be even worse than Peak 2013.
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    Honestly after 40 years they still can't get it right. I don't think it will happen in our lifetimes.
  6. Goldilocks

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    Your right, they dont get it.
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    Same here, larger station and we had crap everywhere for a week. In addition to all the bulk routes I do. I would come back in a 900 and completely blow out the sort. And have to go to the airport several times. Until I came up with the suggestion that we could just get express to drop a trailer at the vendor and eliminate the hassle. Managements mind's=BLOWN AWAY.