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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by 12 Hoggin, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. 12 Hoggin

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    I am FT Preload Supervisor and work uh....approxiamately 12-14 hrs everyday, ...any other FT Supervisors able to utilize the ever famous line "Work-Life Balance" Because they ride this pony for what its worth everyday, because they know I am good at what I do and do it right, so I get MOUNDS of paperwork and other BS piled on my daily...Any of my other FT Preload Supervisor's going through this????
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    Are you actually working that many hours or just hanging around. You are in control of your hours. If you are there that long its because you want to be. Get your work done, plan for the next day and LEAVE
  3. 12 Hoggin

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    Seriously...Hanging around...seriously??? First and foremost SON, believe me I DON'T want to be there as long as I am, but I have a ton of responsibilities so I would appreciate a little understanding until you walked in my shoes...the whole jist of my question was to see if I had any partners out there with the same problem...12+ hr work days not just on Preload...Not to have some chat room NERD battle. Just out of curiousity what is your position in this company and how many hours do you work?
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    Probably typical as we've had 3-4 FT preload sup's since I started here. They quit due to the stress and long hours.
  5. bad company

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    I'm pretty good friends with a full-time preload sup, and he averages 10 hour days. Are you in a large center within a hub, or are you at an extended center?
  6. toonertoo

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    Ignore the newbie, and most of us know you are not in control of your hours.
    I think its worse now than it ever was. I see several sups there and have been there since 7am and are still there at 8 when I get in.
    I dont know the answer, could it be they dont care?
    If you figure out your salary based on the number you actually work, it was probably a bad move. But you are not protected, in any way, you owe them your soul.
    Get out while you can as you cant go back. Oh yea, you have no time to look for another employment.
    Ups could be so much better.................it used to be.
    AND welcome to brown cafe! You will become addicted.
  8. DS

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    I too welcome you to the bc...remember not to judge too quickly .
    My sup works long hours too and I like him,I asked him whwere he saw himself in 10 years,he really had no answer,he thinks he'd make a good center manager,and I wish him luck,but you guys get raped and murdered every day,so I guess its all irrelevant...
  9. Load Stand

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    Seems most work on average 10 hours where I am....suspect FT Prelaod sups get caught up doing loose ends after the wrap up and get stuck like you...must try and find what can be delegated...it's bad enough you must work the preload but it is not fair if you are working significantly longer than the other FT sups...informally discuss such with your manager...doubt much will change, but at least your devotion will get acknowledged, so that when other opportunities arise, such as non-preload opportunities, someone should know that you are one of those that care, that has put in the time and does a quality job.
  10. I hope your are single. Working those kind of hours will destroy your marriage. Not worth it.
  11. You would be hard pressed to find an operations job where you can control your hours better than preload. If you seriously want to work less hours, stop letting them push other people's work off on you just because you will do it. Unless you have aspirations to move up the ladder. Then take on more yet, work longer, and quit complaining. This company does reward with promotion those willing to give every waking hour to the company.
  12. Dragon

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    Are your long days actually resulting in anything productive? Or are you doing paperwork to cover someone else? If its not productive, like the DOP, leave! If you don't want to leave come help me with the 28+ daily misloads (because of preload) !!
  13. rocket man

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    I hope you work 20 hrs aday talk to other supervisors about your problem.
  14. 12 Hoggin

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    good deal, finally someone answered my question the way it was intended to be answered... Bottom line, everything I have is because of UPS, my house, car, etc...I have learned so much since becoming a FT Sup, so to everyone reading this, I delegate and yes that helps, but the requirements and expectations at this HUB are pretty high, so i understand i am gonna put in some hours, and its pretty much every FT Sup that has ever worked at this HUB...and yes brown cafe is addicting
  15. Believe it or not guys, not all supervisors are bad people. Many are just like you, they just want to do their jobs and get home to their families at a reasonable hour. I know some load you up with tons of stops and extra work, but they are working with whatever plan someone (usually no where near the actual operation) has come up with for them. An action plan I believe its called. Like you they must work as directed....even if they don't agree with it, as their job depends on it. I know a few in my hub that don't agree with many of the things they have to do these days, some relish at the fact (those are the a-holes I wish 20hr days on) that they are making someone elses life hell. THOSE people should never have made it in this company.

    I know that most upper management here (meaning at my building) and in my district doesn't care about operations, just numbers, they don't care how many backs they break (well unless literally as that costs the company money) to get them. If someone needs help they are told to "dig in" and that they don't have anyone to send them (which is BS). The latest one was saying our late start times are to give our loaders more sleep and improve attendance....which is garbage and like most plans, was a complete failure. It was so they could shrink the sort span, don't think anyone with half a brain didn't notice that as soon as it was said.
  16. 12 Hoggin

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    Thanks to all that replied back...I just wanted to see if anybody in the other 49 states were in the same boat...and yes brown cafe is addicting!!!
  17. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Preload sup at our building works 18-20 hour Thu night 8pm through 3pm Friday.
  18. I'm pretty sure our FT SUPE slept at the building during most of peak one year...he had to have lol. He was a great guy though, he's an on car supe now though.
  19. UPS Lifer

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    If I were you, I would sit down with my manager and let that person know of your frustration. Help devise a plan to even out the workload. if you can come up with a workable solution that is reasonable, your boss will probably implement it.

    Utilize the PT sups to take some of the paperwork pressure off of you. If your frustration falls upon deaf ears than let your boss know that you are going to have to get HR involved. You should gear your day towards 10 hours max. If your work cannot get done in that time frame there is a problem and it needs to get resolved. Part of your boss's job is to train you how to get your work done in the time allowed. Remind him/her of that responsibility in a tactful way.

    Another solution - one that I used to use regularly is to give time off for those folks that had to work consistently over 10 hours. This only happened during peak. But I made sure that the sups got extra days off to compensate for extra hours worked.

    Your last resort is to pull out the California FT Supv lawsuit card. You will have to do your research on that one. I will not address it.

    Good Luck - let us know how things go.
  20. BURMDPsupe

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    One of the things that I have learned from being a full time preload supervisor is to plan your end of the day as soon as you walk in the door. Far too often, I see the newly promoted preload sups stroll in 15 minutes after the shift has started. For me, that spells disaster. I like to arrive about 20-30 minutes early to review: staffing, center notes, bulk stops, emails, RSAMS, lineup, etc.

    For me, it's all about planning! Being organized and having a set routine helps with the wrap up time which can be so time consuming.

    BTW, I usually work about 50-52 hours per week.