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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by uber, Jan 1, 2011.

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    I've been working as a part-time unloader with the company going on 4 years now. I was wondering if I'll ever get a crack a full-time combo job? Or is it driver, or else nothing as far as full-time goes with the company. I swear this company has a wacky business model, but whatever.

    I get mixed responses when I ask around at work.

    Also, I have a friend that has been part-time for 12 years now and he insists that he makes just as much money as full-time combo's make by just double-shifting twice a week. Could this be true, or is he BSing me?
  2. Nimnim

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    Well FT and 22.3 have top out rates, whereas PT technically doesn't. So it is possible to be making more per hour than a 22.3 combo per hour as a PTer, but I believe 12 years is too low for that. As far as getting a FT position, it depends on your center/hub. Openings do appear, less frequent than they used to be, and you're competing with everyone else who wants the job as well. So 4 years is a nice bit, and years ago that might have been enough but now with how few openings do happen I'd say 8 is more like it for the minimum barring great luck.

    As said though, it all depends on your center/hub. Good luck though.
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    yes , yes and yes
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    PT doesn't have a top out rate? Hmmmm interesting. I'm surprised more people don't take advantage of that system and double-shift a couple times a week. Seems like if you double a couple times a week you are on par with what a FT Combo is making per week anyways.
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    Well FT positions go through a progression period where they usually get an initial raise, and then set amounts for a few years til they top out. PT doesn't have a set progression really, just the set raises per contract, so while you can get $20/hr as pt it's likely to take you 15 years to get there, whereas you'd hit that kinda money much faster with the FT progression.
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    I knew someone who did just that. As a red-circled part-timer double shifting, frequently took home as much as regular package driver. Until Co. clamped down on overtime for part-time. Also, only earned part-time pension, which works out to only about half of a full time pension.
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    Yeah, the pension thing could be a problem.

    The reason I ask is because I had my colon removed in April and I don't think driving is a possibility, yet I have already pretty much thrown all the eggs in the basket that I'm a UPS lifer.

    I mean physically, I'm in tip-top shape again. I'm a regular gym-goer and everything. But, I have to use the crapper every 4 hours, or so. I'm not sure how I could manage if I was a driver unless they catered to my needs and set me up on a city route.

    Sounds like those that got in on the 22.3 jobs when they were hot were just lucky. Unless another strike happens it doesn't sound like they're going to open up too many more of those jobs for awhile. Atleast, thats what I'm hearing. But the guy who told me this can be full of BS a lot of the time.

    Why does UPS have to have such a messed up business model?
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    The business model itself is sound--it is the implementation of said plan that is messed up.
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    Top ins 22.3 rate is nearly 25/hr, you need many more years than 12 to make 25/hr inside.

    I think 12 year employee makes around 19 or 20, so it'd take 45 or 50 hours a week to match a 40 hour 22.3 combo paycheck.
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    The reason is becasue they have to let you work 2 shift you don't have a right to work 2 shifts. Usually people are asked to work a second shift becasue they are short people. If more people staredt working 2 shifts the union would eventually say if you need PTimers to double shift then you need to hire more PTimers.
  11. PT Stewie

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    13 years about $20.00 per hr
  12. Coldworld

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    Please explain this why is it messed up
  13. Coldworld

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    If you double shift all of those hours goto the pension...a part timer can earn 2080 hours toward the pension..at least in the western conference...double shifting should be done if you can wing it because all of those extra hours of pension are going to come in handy later.
  14. helenofcalifornia

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    Yeah, I agree with cold. I worked PT, redlined, for 20 years, many, many doubles and I am doing OK on my pension. Not a huge difference between the FT and mine.
  15. uber

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    Thats great to hear.
  16. uber

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    I work at the Portland (OR) hub and there hasn't been any 22.3 jobs phased out like I've been reading on here. Is it just a region to region thing, or what?
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    Good advice for any who can take advantage of it.
    Here (Local 705), part-time and full-time are not in the same fund. Part-time are in the UPS Pension Plan (company SEPF), full-time are in the Local's MEPF. I don't believe there is any reciprocity between the two, in this sense.
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    Times are not what they are used to as the double shifting is limited now.
    I will stick with my combo where I get my 40 to 45 hours a week, I know too much and certified on several things so I have to stay sometimes.
    Holidays are gravy tho get 65-70 hours a week
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    What, are you gloating? I would give my left testicle for a combo job. Many of us long time part-timers will never have a crack at those jobs. Its either drive or SOL.

    I guess it just the way the cookie crumbles these days.