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    I feel like i'm getting screwed in this company. Last year i started driving on saturdays and about two months later their was a list posted for full time driver. I applied and was told i was low on the list for seniority and was eligible for the shuttle driver position to the airport. I go to look at the seniority list and see that i have at least six months seniority over the newly hired drivers. I feel like they told me i was low seniority just so i can fill the shuttle driver position. Fast forward to this past march and another list came out. Applied again and asked my shop steward what the status was and he tells me that you need a bachelors degree to be a full time driver. On top of that i volunteered to be a designated responder. It seems like the more you do for this place the harder they screw you. Has anyone heard that you need a bachelors degrees to be a full time driver? I have been working for ups for three years now and not including the seasonal help during peak. I want to stay at ups but if what i'm hearing is true why would i have a bachelors degree and work here? I would be cheating myself. Their are drivers that cant even speak fluent english in my building let alone hold a college degree.
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    your shop steward is full of Bull Crap. He is not honest with you, NO YOU DON'T NEED ONE.
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    I kind of knew that but wanted input on the matter.
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    Many of us do have them but they are not required.
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    Do yourself a favor, call your union hall, tell the business agent what happend, that is not right, you should fight for it. Maybe it's his friend that got the job. Don't stand for it, you could be making more money, and more hours.
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    Maybe he was joking with you and you didn't pick up on his sarcasm.

    However, even if you have 3 years with the company,depending on where you are you still probably have a lot of people above you on the seniority list. Just because you have more time than the new hires doesn't mean you are automatically next in line.
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    At the time i applied i didnt think to question when hr told me i was low on the list for seniority. When the list was posted, both pre-load and local sort applied and it went according to seniority or so i was told. Then hr calls and says that i was low on the list as far as seniority. I know a few of the guys that were hired and they said that i got screwed. I was happy to work here when i first started but as time wore on i was just glad to have a paycheck.