full-time driver wage progression quest.

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    We have a "rumor" floating around at my hub that if you deliver Saturday air for two years so you hit your top wage then when you go full-time driving it then takes only 6 months to get the top wage there. I read the contract and this is what it said:

    1. No employee shall be required to complete a full-time progression more than one time even if he or she transfers between full-time jobs except as set forth in this paragraph. The sole exception is when an employee is awarded a package car or feeder driver job and has not previously held a full-time job which includes driving duties. In such event, the employee will have a break in rate equal to the employee's current wage rate until six (6) months from the date the employee entered the job. The employee will then go to the prevailing top rate. A part-time air driver who has completed the Article 40 progression, bids a full-time inside job and then a driver job within two (2) years shall have the same break-in period.
    This might not even be the correct quote. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?
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    Maybe you should "quote" the contract, not paraphrase what you think you read.
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    I copied and pasted the exact wording of the contract. It's straight from the master agreement. I don't even see how you could have thought otherwise.
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    Dear palguy,
    I know a guy who knows a guy that used to be an EAM driver. Well, after he hit his top wage for the air wage payscale he went full time driving. He claims that it then took him just 6 months to hit the top wage for f/t driver pay. I believe that when you go from p/t to f/t you do not have a decrease in your hourly rate. So I guess it's true.

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    I know a guy who knows a girl, who knows four others that say your full of it.


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    i know some1 that knows me...i air drove for 10 plus years, then went f/t..I stayed at my top air rate which was 18 plus for 2.5 years..:lol:
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    My mistake. I meant that it might not be the correct part of the contract that explains my question. Does that make sense now?
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    YEah, nice car btw!

    Dont let him bother you, hes just jealous.

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    thanks danny, I don't care what diadlover says. He's just a :censored2: bag.
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    Yup. . .sounds like you watch South Park.
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    When you move into the driving position your wage does not go down, you are red circled at your current rate until your time on the job catches up to your wage. It will still be 30 months until you hit full wage scale as a driver.