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  1. New Guy

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    I was told that I am being hired as a full time driver, but since season is right around the corner, I'm wondering if they're really hiring me for the season and plan to let me go once season is over. Has this happened to anyone or does anyone have any advice?
  2. ExupserNaples

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    If you get 30 days before Nov. 1 you should be in...Keep Track.
  3. yeldarb

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    Every year our hub will hire about 20 seasonal drivers, then when peak is over, they might hire one back on full time. Every one else is through.
  4. Just Lurking

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    It should be easy - count backwards 30 work days from first of November. After that date you are almost gauranteed to be seasonal coverage.

    Also, your application will most like say "vacation/seasonal hire only" and they will ask you to sign a waiver stating your not permanent hire.
  5. mittam

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    wow not to stray from subject but we never hire drivers for peak, we did hire one each of last 2 years but that's only one, we are so short and make 2 months of pay during December
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    9/20 is the day this year to get in and be able to make seniority before 11/1 rolls around.
  7. ups79

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    mittam:why should we believe you on any thing said about apwa? First you say wow, we never hire drivers during peak, but yet in the next statement you believe you have hire one each of the last two seasons. What is?
  8. The Brown Santa

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    I started out in July as a casual package driver in the free period. My reviews were very positive, management told me I was doing an excellent job etc. As soon as Sptember 8th came, I was told to take a few weeks off, we'll call you back October 1st. Was told that starting in October I will be in another free period, and that there really is no way to make seniority....I need to make the list somehow.
  9. raceanoncr

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    Just a little personal history here on seasonal hire. I was one of first p/c drivers to be hired for season in center on 9/20. Was explicitly told that it WAS seasonal but if I did a good job and they needed help after season that I could be one of first called back-no guarantees tho. Well, you all know the rest-I ran my a** off for the next few months, the center being the busiest it had ever been. There was a chance I could stay on!!!! They needed me!!! It DID come down to one day, ONE DAY. I would have gained my seniority before free period. Ironically, business was off for that day and I was laid off! Go figger!! Ran the rest of the time-with no benefits, no holiday pay, no promises, no nuttin. Come wk after free period and I WAS laid off, which I expected. Next day I was back with seniority, benefits, progression in progress, etc.
    That was 28 yrs ago this week that I was originally hired. Can same be true today? Don't know. Just giving you my experience. Run with it if you can.
  10. Just Lurking

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    For the OP, the company can hire anyone permenently regardless if it is a free period or not. For the most part, the company will use free periods to try people out but do not have to.
  11. I came on as a casual in July 04. I had around 170 stops/day. Coming from the outside...i assumed everybody was doing the same...so i didnt complain. I made the list in Sept 04. At no time did i consider the job as being temporary. Good luck.
  12. I came in off the street; last year Oct.21st was my first day driving as a permanat full-time driver. I got my 30 days in by Dec.30th, as to determine weather you are a seasonal or permanant driver it is based on start date. My fellow coworkers wanted to see me get my 30 in so several took time off after peak so I could get my last few days in before my 90 days was up.
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    79 sounds like your digging a little deep here. This has nothing to do with APWA and mit was not really changing any story.I beleive driverS is what you missed.
  14. Box jockey

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    i was off the street too but hired the 6th of june and made my packet in Late october. almost 6 months to wrk 30 days and the sup had told me that if the 90 was up they can drop days off the front of the packet to get the 30 days worked in the 90 period twas a crazy journey but happy to have been able to stick with it
  15. Anonymous PH

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    Can you become a driver if you received a DUI in 2002?
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do you plan on posting this on every thread until someone answers you?
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    yup its about you they hate you they want to make your life rotten. naw good luck please keep track of you days 30 when your getting close mumms the word. keep all pay stubs even if its one day that week keep track.30 in 180 thats the key GOOD LUCK KEEP COOL.
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    You'll have to consult the specific Contract Supplement you will be working under. The length of the Free Period, and the number of days required to make seniority, differ from region to region.