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    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and have a specific question for any/all current UPS Drivers. I would like a career with UPS as a driver. I say driver because it doesn't matter to me whether it is driving a package car or Tractor Trailer. I do have my CDL. I have explored several employment opportunities in my area however they all seem to be part-time or full time temp. positions. My brother-in-law and many of my friends work for UPS so I am very aware of how the system works. My brother-in-law worked part time for 9 years before he was able to get on as a full time package driver. That is the average in my area. My problem is that I am 42 and I don't have 9 years to wait. I have found some full time jobs listed that are not in my area and would require that I relocate. As you can imagine this is a big step to up root and move. I was wondering if any of you could offer me any insight before I take that plunge. There is no guarantee I would be hired for any of these positions if I apply but I want to be sure in case I would get that call. Can any of you offer insight into this? I am not looking for criticism of UPS. I am aware that the job as with any job has both good and bad. But in this economy it is one of the best careers around right now for drivers. I worked as a Teamster for another company as well so I am familiar with the Union aspect, good and bad. I am simply looking for any advice/insight from current UPS drivers. Am I an idiot for even considering chasing a career with UPS? Haha. I hate to phrase it that way but...I want to consider all aspects of this life-changing decision before I do it. I appreciate any serious input you may have. Thank you.
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    From what you have written you know how things work. Whether you apply and get a job some where else with UPS is up to you. However, if you do get offered a job you still have to make your 30 days and if you don't moving would be for nothing.

    These days UPS rarely hires FT strait off the street package car driver. In some area they do hire FT Feeder drivers off the street in that case you would be most likely getting the worst feeder runs that could mean day hours or night hours that could change each week.

    If you looking a UPS freight jobs that a different division of UPS and the have different rules and pay.

    Your looking for a quick easy way into a good paying job at UPS good luck on that you and everyone else that wants a job a t UPS has the say agenda. IT RARELY HAPPENS....
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    Took me 12 years to become a full time driver. Honestly if I were you I would drive for another company. There is no guarantee that you would ever get to drive for UPS even if you moved. It would be just so much more beneficial to you and a lot less of a head ache if you just went to work for someone like Old Dominion or Averitt. Even if you were 18 years old I still probably wouldn't recommend it. That is just my opinion, and my experience that I have taken from working here.