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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by looper804, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. looper804

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    Are any other facility's out there getting full time helpers?
  2. scratch

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    I hope not, that means we will get loaded up like Peak with extra stops. That would also mean Routes getting busted out and even worser service to our customers. I thought this idea was negotiated out of the last contract.
  3. looper804

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    We have had helpers since October.Theres a bunch being hired now that will be full time.Sounds like a good gig.Top pay and benifits.
  4. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk New Member

    The way it works at my center is you get paid utility driver pay since the contract clearly stats helpers can only be used in the last two months of the year. Not only do you get $19.75, you get it for all hours worked and still get O/T after 5 hours. If I helped 5 days a week I would make near driver pay. It must be different in NY, because there is no way they can afford to send out helpers for as much as a driver every day.

    PS Are they sending out current P/T employees or hiring new ones for it? Is your local grieving it? Seems like a clear cut contract violation to use helpers in June.
  5. looper804

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    They are making p/t ers into f/t ers.As far as I know the Union is ok with it.Why not,they are union jobs.8 hours plus overtime.I heard top pay is around $24 - $25 an hour.
  6. bad company

    bad company semi-pro

    So you're telling me that a helper will make almost 10 dollars more an hour than me as a full-time driver in progression?....If that happened here, I would walk out the door and never look back.
  7. looper804

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    I'm sure that is top pay after progression.
  8. jchimienti

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    this postition rules!
  9. pkg-king

    pkg-king New Member

    You're kidding, right? This means less fulltime driving jobs. Helpers are only used during Nov. & Dec., when did this change?
  10. looper804

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    No,actually helpers may be used at any time.The contract states that from October 15th till Christmas helpers are paid helper rate and their time does not count towards book(free period). If helpers are used after this period they will be paid premium pay.It's in the contract.Look,you will see it.
  11. tourists24

    tourists24 Well-Known Member

    this has to be out of your supplement agreement. I dont see anywhere in the master agreement allowing the use of helpers out of peak season. Even in our supplement agreement (atlantic) it says Nov 1-Dec 31. It says nothing about Oct 15 or premium pay. Now I am looking at the helper sections of the contract only.
  12. bellesotico

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    I agree.
    They wanted to use preloaders at my center that were helpers back in Jan but couldn't because the master agreement didn't allow for it.
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  13. Forty6and2

    Forty6and2 I'm Broken

    can someone tell me which article it is in the contract? i just looked through my master copy and couldn't find it anywhere. i also looked through my own supplement agreement and couldn't find anything about helpers. i'm in the southwest region.
  14. tourists24

    tourists24 Well-Known Member

    In the master agreement it is in Art. 22.... depends on which supplement you have for which article,,, atlantic area is Art. 63
  15. dilligaf

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    46+2, HEHEHE no such luck for us, bud. I'm just north of you and we only get helpers Nov 1 to Dec 31.

    The only language that I can find is in SW Package Rider and SW Sort Rider. It only says the Local and UPS will get together prior to peak to discuss plans.
  16. Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk New Member

    From a Teamster standpoint, it looks pretty shady, and against the contract, but as a preloader I would jump on that like a fat kid on candy.
  17. WhatPCM

    WhatPCM Insubordinator

    They should be making more full time driver postitions. If the center is that busy, topping out at 24 an hour would really piss me off. I cannot believe that the teamsters allow this.
  18. Forty6and2

    Forty6and2 I'm Broken

    thats good news for us at least.
  19. longlunchguy

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    I want a helper. Last peak I only got out of the car for lunch.
  20. looper804

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    I will try to get answers for your questions this week.