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    Hello everyone-

    I have a question about full time pay that I hope someone can answer for me.

    I am a full-time, permanent swing driver. I just made seniority last month. LAST WEEK's paycheck (as an example) had 4 line items:

    - REGULAR 18.750 39.90 748.13
    - OVERTIME 28.125 4.88 137.25
    - PROD BON 28.125 2.04 57.38
    - GUARANTE 18.750 0.10 1.88

    All this makes sense to me. I worked less than 40 hours straight time for the week, so was paid 0.10 "guarantee" to bring me to 40. I worked late two nights helping other drivers, thats the OT. I punched in once each day this week, M-F. All this makes sense.

    Here is my real question. I was sent home Monday this week. There were not enough routes built for the number of drivers. Could someone please clarify exactly what happens, payroll-wise when they don't have any work for me when I show up in the morning?

    I appreciate any positive input.
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    You're all over the road here. You post a question then answer it for yourself? then ask a completely separate question, so I've fixed it for you and will respond.

    You're a full time cover driver and as such are entitled to your 8 hour guarantee. If you show up, regardless of what they say, you are entitled to your 8 hours. They cannot lay you off without doing it the business day before.

    That being said, you have to respectfully stand up for your rights or they WILL walk all over you and try to send you home all the time. Once you stand up for yourself and make it known you don't take dead days they will leave you alone. Do not answer your phone or texts in the morning. They will try to talk you into not coming in. If they didn't have enough work and needed to lay you off they needed to do it the day before and it's not your problem.
  3. If they call you to work but don't put you to work that day you get paid 6 hours in the central region. I can't explain how you got paid for a day that you didn't work.
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    In Central States if your scheduled to work and you show up but they have no work for you. You are guaranteed 6 hours show up pay

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    I edited the original post in an attempt to make the question more clear. Sorry for the confusion.

    CHALLY9TX Active Member

    Most likely you're not getting paid for that day. If you want to get paid then you have to let your management team know you want to work. Thread lightly here because if you demand your 8hrs pay then guess what? Youre going blind on a route. There's always a senior driver willing to take the day off. It's up to you if you want to get paid or not. There's a few drivers who take so many days without pay and they don't realize that they are just prolonging retirement.

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  7. hondo

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    Read your contract supplement & check with your shop steward.
    FWIW, here, only the top 90% by seniority in the center are guaranteed work or the equivalent in pay.
  8. upschuck

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    Here, if you not scheduled to work(on call), and just come, you are not guaranteed a minute of pay. If you are scheduled, then they will find work for you, because somebody will want to go home unpaid.