Full Time Relief.

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  1. Just a quick question about full time relief. The contract states, "a minimum of 10% full time relief shall be established from the part time employees to cover vacations, leaves of absences or other scheduled absences of 22.3 positions.'

    Doesn't this mean that you MUST have a minimum of 10% of full time relief to cover all the holes?

    Would their be any reason UPS could remove all full time relief positions especially when we have a bunch of full timers out on injury?

    My shop steward just said that union isn't required to push this issue.

  2. Poop Head

    Poop Head rubber bands on the handle

    When I married my wife, I thought there would be full-time relief. Boy, was I wrong
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  3. Superteeth2478

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    So you're telling me that NO ONE told you that married life would result in far less "relief" than unmarried life? Come on, man.
  4. Poop Head

    Poop Head rubber bands on the handle

    She tricked me
  5. clean hairy

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    If you are old enough, you might remember relief is spelled: ROLAIDS
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    Does your bologna have a first name?
  7. Indecisi0n

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    Ask for a Fleshlight for Christmas this year.
  8. Box Ox

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    Are they dishwasher safe?
  9. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    As long as she doesn't drop it on her foot.
  10. Indecisi0n

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    I don't wash mine. I like to keep a little stink on it.
  11. 542thruNthru

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    Which model? I have been told there are multiple shafts of pleasure
  12. Box Ox

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    Members get all the shafts of pleasure in the Western Region.
  13. 542thruNthru

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    Sadly this is not true. According to my BA we had to give the damn PT workers a raise.
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