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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by timmybrad, May 30, 2005.

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    I have been seeing alot of ads for full-time temporary drivers ?? whats the deal with these positions ? thanks
  2. ok2bclever

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    The company has the right to hire seasonal drivers and that is exactly what they are.

    Vacation coverage.

    It also gives the company a "look see" at who they would likely use their "off the street" pick on as they replace retiring drivers.
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    Isn't seasonal considered from Nov.1 to Jan.1? Also vacation's are to be filled with cover drivers not outside hires.
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    In our hub they exhausted the list for TCD drivers so they had to hire them off the street. They are still considered parttimers even though they jumped straight in. They are having to baby them along and have also lost several of them. Seems it is getting harder and harder for UPS to find people in the hub that want to drive. More and more of our drivers are jumping ship to go to the combo jobs.
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    UPS doesn't do much of anything consistent nationwide as they originally had piecemeal contracts all over the country with regional negotiations with the Teamsters.

    While we have been under a national contract for decades now the regional supplementals still hold reign in many many articles of the contract procedurally.

    In my area of the country they can have seasonals both for summer vacation coverage and Christmas help although they cannot repeat use the same people in the same year.

    Possibly you are mistaken or it is different in your regional supplement.

    Sooo many things are different throughout the nation.

    Even the hiring rules are governed by supplemental langauge.

    In my area the hiring rule is six inside for every one outside hire, but UPS has the right to use all outside hire for seasonal driving use if they want.
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    Yes that is the rule were I am as far as seasonal employees goes.Also there is no shortage of people willing to go cover driving and they have not hired anyone off the street in at least 8 years.With us it is 5 insiders to 1 outsider and they will take a p/t sup who is good and give him a shot a driving as the 1 outsider.I'm not sure if this is legal for them to do but no one seems to complain.All p/t sups that go driving are promoted to full time sup soon after aquiring seniority.Only one turned down the fulltime sup job and stayed driving, needless to say they weren't to happy with that one.I do agree things are very differant across this nation as far as supplements go.Maybe with it so differant that's why they can get away with some of the things they do_Of course that is only my opinion.[​IMG]