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    Does anyone know why the ERI participation numbers for G&A portfolio are so low? Is it because they just don't care, or they think nothing will be done anyway, or are they trying to send a message?? I took it in Ramsey and I know several of my co-workers also took it. G&A encompasses Mo'town as well, so maybe the low numbers are coming from there.
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    They are trying to send a message.Wake up
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    ERI Taker: How long have you been at UPS? How did you rate G&A? When you rated G&A who were you really rating? How many time did you take the ERI? (Used to be you could keep taking it, and keep taking it, and keep taking it.)
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    5 years at UPS....rated G&A poorly...rated my PL where applicable, rated upper management where applicable...only took it once...
  5. I get hounded every day : "Did you take the ERI??? Did you take the ERI??" Next will be the "polite" emails from the top with %'s taken and the importance of it all...
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    I took it once and have commented on how things have improved in Morristown. I know things need to get better, but in the past 12 months I see things improving. I have 4 plus years in UPS G&A and have no plans to move out.

    I worked in 2 other portfolios and the mgmt is more involved in this portfolio than the other 2 that I worked in.

    I can't understand why they have to ask us to take the ERI over and over. We should take it and move on.
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    ---they are TOO involved... a VP of the company does not need to be standing in the parking lot checking what time people leave

    ...Systems Managers do not need to be standing at the door checking for people entering past 9:00 am...

    ...and an Application Manager should not need her ego massaged by the endless amount of people stopping by her office 'just to chat'...

    ...it all starts at the top...and when you have spineless Systems Managers, Project Managers and Project Leaders, the :censored2: ends up on everyone below them. Speaking of PL level and above, no one has the guts to do the right thing, no one cares about their people, they are only concerned with getting ahead.
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  9. ERI TAKER 3 you should quit which you are probably overpaid and underworked. You should have the spine to air out your concerns............I think you are very immature and can't accept responsibility..............

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    Bravo...I was going to say "where would you like me to start.." but you did a great job....

    and the people that have the guts to do the right thing...just walk out the door and keep walking....

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    to 'a driver's point of view': you have no clue what you are talking about and should stay out of this discussion if you have nothing of value to add ...have you ever worked in G&A? Your comments are very random and do not make much sense.

    ...are you a shareholder?...if so, see dfigtree's comments---he is so right about wasting shareholder money...!

    and 'Eri taker #6'--- you are so right, the good ones are the ones leaving---
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    O my *****....ERI traker3 just move on...not everything is personal...not everything is about you....

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    O my *****, ERI traker3 not everything is about you, move on and not everything is personal.
    why don;t you bring up something constructive -carefully considered and meant to be helpful......
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    Ok, lets bring some constructive stuff up...

    Moral is down, participation is down, if people open their mouth, they're either moved, reprimanded behind closed doors, or just one day leave....

    Constructively, maybe management should try to fix things instead of sweeping it all under the covers....focus groups and "gentle" reminders aren't the way to do it...
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    huh---where is this going?....someone seems to be getting personal...not sure who..?? could it be the big lurker ? way off base...! close it out and bury your heads in the sand...and make comments that at least are relevant and make some sense...PLEASE
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    In the building I work we had management come around to each of us in our cubes and ask us if we took the ERI. We also get the reminder emails multiple times and are reminded in every PCM we have.

    It is insane.:crying:
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    Can someone post the ERI QUESTIONS on the BROWN CAFE in survey form? We could take the BC-ERI survey and show the world the true results. When they ask you at you desk to take the ERI, tel your manager that you already did on the Brown Cafe.
  19. LOL----I think it's way too big to post it here....we can probably make our own up....

    - do you respect your peers
    - do you respect your PL
    - do you respect your PM
    - do you respect your systems mgr
    - do you respect your app mgr
    - do you respect your Portfolio Mgr

    - do you trust your peers
    - do you trust your PL
    - do you trust your PM
    - do you trust your systems mgr
    - do you trust your app mgr
    - do you trust your Portfolio Mgr

    etc., etc., etc...........................
  20. :crying: Boo hoo. Once again, isers crying and whining. Just take the survey. I come to work everyday and know when I leave that I contributed. I have been successful in my career because of it. Those of you whining about management are truly clueless. Less whining, more work, you might actually feel better.