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    Last week toward the end of the night I was holding down three trucks loading, which is what I normally do. Not to bad because one doesn't fill all the way. One of them has to be out a certain time but I couldn't do anything because I was backed out in another truck and figured the sup would just get someone else to do it like normal. Honestly, the guy that did the trucks before I did only did the 2 and not the extra one. Anyway, the sup goes in and logs under my name. Turns out "I" got a missload in that truck and at that time. This sup quit last week too, so we have our old one. Should I even say anything I don't know what it would really matter just kind of tee's me off.
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    If you are being disciplined than I would ask for a record or all scans under your name and ID for that day with a steward present. They have these records. You can show that it was impossible for you to be in both loads at the same time. If you are not being disciplined, and I mean nothing on your pittsburg, then let it slide. Your sup is gone.
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    Great advice! UPS HATES it when you can use their "numbers" for your own defense so watch your step because they will be watching you closely.