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    Hello guys, not sure if anyone can help me out with this not, but its worth a shot. I graduated from Penn State University Last May with a degree in Economics. I've been working as a Pre-load Supervisor since I gradated and am now ready to make some Full-time money and use my degree. When I try to apply to corporate jobs on it wont let me becuase I'm already employed by UPS. I've talked with my HR rep, but he doesn't know much about the corporate side of UPS and only deals with HUB type positions. I've gotten no help with answers on how to apply to some of these jobs. I can't be making part-time money for much longer and need to start putting my degree to use. If anyone knows how I go about applying for these jobs or as any idea what I need to do that would be great.

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    If it"s any help, we had one pre-loader in the same position, he called the DM told him he
    was ready to move up the ladder, He finished college. Last I heard he was with
    accounting dept. good luck. I hope it works out for you.
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    as far as i'm aware, Corporate hires like any other company, so you'd just put in your resume with them and hope for a call-back

    i'm sure if you ask your district manager he could point you in the right direction, if nothing else
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    Beginning May 27, openings will be posted on under the career section. PCM this week.
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    Make a deal with the devil. Tell him you will sell your soul for this job. Then it will be up to him
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    Fracus, I have a couple questions for you since you always seem to know what is going on if you don't mind. I received the email about May 27 and how openings will be posted and talked with several people in my current department about it during the last two weeks. However, nobody really seems to have a good idea how it's going to work.

    Let's say there is a FT sup opening in a non-operations department and there are two pt-sups who are promotion ready in that department in that district. Do you know if those two sups are going to have preference over the job than someone from outside the district? Are there any set guidelines for when a job gets posted? Or is it going to be mostly jobs that there aren't qualified candidates already in the district?

    One other question is how much push do you expect from current managers to promote their pt sups out of district? I know this is more of an opinion question, but I'm curious what you think.

    Thanks in advance
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    Just remember that Corporate no longer covers the cost of the mandatory lobotomy, you will have to pay for it out of pocket.
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    I'm on, I do not see this "career" section or any internal job postings.

    I am a part-time hourly employee, do viewable areas of my UPSers account differ from a Supervisor's?
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    Can someone forward me this email? *
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    Thanks guys for the information. I wonder why nobody in my center has heard about this.
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    Has anyone heard back after applying for a corporate position? (Internal Positions)
  13. FracusBrown

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    It looks like anyone can apply. The requirements are that you must have passed the MAPP process for full time management or currently be in full time management and you must be recommended by your manager. There are currently approx 65 jobs listed from account exec to web designer.

    I don't see anything that indicates a preference for how the jobs will be filled. All of them I looked at do not offer relocation assistance, so your on you own to move if you apply for one in another area.

    What you see and have access to is based upon your position. Type "Management Career Opportunities" in the search box.
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    You should ask your distict manager, he will point you in the right direction, goodluck.