Getting fired for to many miss loads in another persons scanner I'd.

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    Will the one who uses the scanner get fired for getting to much miss loads even though they logged into another persons scanner I'd or the one the scanner is logged into? Like let's say I accidentally log into another persons I'd you know when you get you're scanner from the case your sup brings with him at the beginning of the shift for the loaders to use to scan the boxes with, but before they scan the boxes they have to scan a bar code sticker once, at the begining of the night with there name on it. And then as I unknowing log Into another loaders I'd I then begin to scan boxes into my truck and press the escape button that logs me out of my truck accidentally. i then try to log back in to the truck and it still won't log me in so I go tell the head sup and he tells me to just put the boxes in for we did not have too many left. But as I wait and begin to load what was suppose to be a few boxes turns too a little more then expected and not mention the few bags that I get as well. Please note this is on a special sort just after Christmas like a once a year thing and that there was a mixture of boxes going into my truck but ground and three day were the only ones the i could not Put on, but like on a normal sort you would have a little rock bag/package going to a different truck and a jonesboro in another, and also, I realized that I was not logged into my I'd until after the shift was over and also about the three day and ground.
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    yes, perhaps no, don't care
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    It depends on the size of your building....but have you ever heard of cameras? If 12 misloads were loaded into a trailer at Bay 20 (for example)....they can check and determine who was loading that particular trailer and tell it was you....and not the person whose name you were scanning under.
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    I don't even understand what your saying to give you an answer. You scanned packages with another persons scanner and put them in your truck? The scanner wasn't for that truck?
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    Also getting fired is pretty much a 50/50 thing. There are procedures that have to happen first before you do. Not to mention what the flavor of the month to be fired for is at your building.
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    Article 12 of the master
    Employees will not be responsible for any work performed by
    another employee using any electronic device under their
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