getting grievances paid?

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    Is this a nationwide problem or just an 804 problem. Management hasn't paid a grievance since around feburary and all we hear from the delegates is that they will be paid... WHEN?

    I know there is about 30-50 grievances for sups working which are all legit but the shift manager thinks of bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: excuses and tells the shop stewards "If you don't like it, take it to arbitration", "Spend $10,000 of the unions money for a 30 minute grievance"

    Any thoughts?
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    Just got 15 hrs for sups working paid. No cooperation at the lower level, it had to go up to labor before anyone took it seriously. Even with timecards, written statements and delivery areas. Call it what you will but I think they are trying to stall and discourage people from filing. I mean with proof like that they would never win in panel or arbitration.... Just keep doing what your doing until its worth 10,000 dollars of their money and eventually they will have to pay them. The problem won't be fixed until they get hit in the pocket book and realize it all could have been avoided by the Center Manager and shop steward from day one. Good luck!
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