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    GINA SZTEJNBERG.jpgI went to my ophthalmologist's office today and while I was at the front desk I heard Gina's name in the background. I heard her name and I visualized Gina's face as a voice from the office TV said Gina Shteinberg. Her name in fact was spelled the Polish way, Sztejnberg, but it was pronounced Shteinberg on TV. I remember sitting in the cafeteria many times talking with her. We never talked shop. I was not up to her level. We talked about vacations. She talked. I listened.

    I recall her memorial service up 208 somewhere. I remember her husband talking about how he saw paper snowing down from the WTC and how he just knew. And I remember someone else recalling how she was "born in Poland to a Jewish couple who had fled to Russia to escape the Holocaust, and then returned to Poland, she came as a girl to the United States in the early 1960's."

    Coincidentally, in the same office was a friend on mine's, a former UPSer's, 23 year old daughter.

    Never forget.