Glen Beck almost Gores someone to death on his show!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Finally, Glen Beck demonstrates how much balarky his talking points are! A right winger collapses on his show live!

    Must see TV!


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    Welcome to 9 months ago!
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    balarky ??? What the hell is balarky?? Don't you mean 'malarky'?
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    Thanks for the update TOS. Apparently you are behind the times. How about a late Christmas present? Looks like you need a razor.
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    3 on the stringer and no bait on the hooker either. Not bad fishing TOS.

    I guess the mullet took a bit to starting biting eh?
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    Wkmac....I had nothing better to do.....the president was on Fox and I was bored........ho hum !!
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    You need a real hobby instead of wasting so much valuable time on either "the president was on Fox" so try some fishing for Alligator Gar but watch out for those teeth.


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    Do you think that alligator girl was another job SAVED by the stimulous ? :happy-very:
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    Heck no! First off, purely an illegal act of fishing both in type and harm to the environment. Safety violations, no state required life vests. No permits or fishing license. Potential threat of littering if plastic bottle is not retrieved. The boat is clearly not licensed with no visible State issued marking and they are trespassing on Federally owned waterways (Army Corp. of Engineers).

    This is clearly an economic act of Black Marketism following the line of Agorism. These 2 clearly are revolutionary anarchist out to overthrow the current statist/economic order so you guys should hook up with TOS since you share the same goal of maintaining the current order and turn these guys in to the good Sheriff of Nottingham and demand of gov't to "be off with their heads!"

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    I rely on backside to provide us with right wing media updates and was going to thank him until I saw the material was not current.

    I didn't think he should be rewarded if he is not going to do his job properly.
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    A Question for Glenn Beck on Global Warming and Conspiracy

    11. Feb, 2010 Written by: Michael Boldin

    I’m under the impression that you consider the science behind global warming to be inaccurate, and that the efforts to promote it include hiding truth. A grand conspiracy, of sorts. On your TV show in November, 2009, you said:
    Count them. There’s Jones, Mike, Keith, Gene and Caspar, whoever they are. Potentially deleting emails supposedly about supposed science. So why all the secrecy?
    You went on:
    “Deleting emails. Hiding declines. Incorrect Data. Inadequate systems. Redefining scientific peer reviews for their own uses. This is what appears to be going on behind the scenes. And literally trillions of dollars of policy decisions are being based on what these guys are telling us. If your gut said “wait a minute, this global warming thing, it sounds like a scam” – well, I think you’re seeing it now”
    The whole story sounds like a massive conspiracy to give the government an excuse to pass cap and trade, to impose restrictions on business and individual choice, to aggrandize themselves with more money and power. It wouldn’t really surprise me.
    That is what government does in the United States. In fact, it’s things like this that made me realize that neither Democrats or Republicans in D.C. had any respect for your freedom or for the Constitution. That was a driving force behind launching the Tenth Amendment Center, which I founded in mid-2006.
    But, you know what? I’m not a detective, and I don’t have time to study the science, the clues, the mystery behind global warming or the global warming swindle as many people call it. So, if you had me on your TV show (sorry I wasn’t available when your producers asked last year, but I think my recommendation for a substitute worked out great!), and asked me:
    “Michael – do you believe in this global warming scam, do you believe what the mainstream scientists are telling us about global warming – yes or no!?”
    I’d have to answer this way:
    “I’ve heard a lot of reports from reputable people on both sides of that issue. There are some very good arguments, and I think the American people have not seen all of the evidence there, so I have not taken a position on that. What I do know is this, I don’t trust the government to tell me the truth.”
    In response, would you then say that you’re “writing me off” and “writing the Tenth Amendment Center off” because I haven’t taken a position on this – and that a better source for state sovereignty information is now the Huffington Post?”
    Well, that’s basically what you did with Debra Medina on your program this week. The one person in the Texas campaign who’s had the courage to speak out about the Constitution, about nullification and interposition, about the founders, about the principles of liberty that this country was founded upon. That one person is “written off” by you because she hasn’t “taken a position on” a conspiracy theory that may or may not be of interest to her or her campaign?
    Wow. Obviously the Constitution isn’t very important to you. A person’s stance on a conspiracy theory is. Or maybe this is just your way of trying to marginalize one of the few candidates in the entire country running their whole campaign on the original view of the Constitution.
    Is that it, Glenn? Because it sure seems that way.
    Maybe the real conspiracy isn’t 9-11 or Global Warming or anything of the sort. Maybe it’s all about the establishment media, and people like yourself – is this your way of letting the hardcore constitutionalists out here know that you really prefer the establishment candidates?
    What should be more important is a person’s stance on the Constitution. In fact, that’s ALL that voters should care about. Not their race, their background, their religious views, their positions on conspiracies or anything else. People are elected to follow the constitution – and nothing more.
    What’s more important to you, Glenn – a person’s stance on the Constitution or their view of a conspiracy theory?
    Don’t bother answering. You already have.
    Michael Boldin is the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. He was raised in Milwaukee, WI, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.
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    WK,,,, what was your point in posting this post? I was listening to Beck's show when this interview took place. Where I do think he didnt handle the interview that well, she did give a very illusive and "politician like" answer to his 9/11 conspriacy question. He was asking for her opinion and she would not give a "yes" or "no" answer. IMO, once she wouldnt answer this question, Beck had his mind made up about her
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    I completely agree her answer was less than satisfactory as I heard the soundbite interview on Youtube but in the larger context that Beck is a part of some radical, outside the mainstream political operation ie tea party, e.g. some independent quasi-libertarian/minarchist movement, the actual leaders of such efforts, Micheal Boldin in this case, don't accept that premise on it's face. Truth is, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh etc. all love to flirt out on the edges of independent radicalism, Then like the pied piper donning their Shakespearean Masks they then return to the Statist apparatus of Red State politics leaving the many unthinking listeners to only believe their future happiness can only come in a red state construct. Not unlike Maddow, Olberman, Matthews in the Blue State construct.

    These state actors not unlike say a Sarah Palin use good bottom up anger and frustration to manipulate it for their own political agendas not that the same doesn't happen on The Other Side either. How you like that subliminal message? :happy-very:
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    I agree with you that Hannity and Limbaugh are like this, but I dont think Beck is. Ive been listening to him for too long and have heard the change in him over the years. In some ways I feel he is like you are in the sense that he gets his hands on as much reading materials to make his judgements about things, but I feel they are much more true hearted than the political rhetoric you get from others on BOTH sides (like the ones you mentioned). He sees the game played in Washington and how far removed from what the Constitution gives them the right to do. The ones who are constantly criticized by Rep and Dems alike are usually the ones who are right on the money. I dont like either side so I enjoy following the rants of the diehards get on here who play that game and tow the line for their side.
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    Maybe so but I'm not so trusting of him yet. Boldin might email Beck this link for him to consider.

    All the 9/11 conspiracy stuff aside, so much of it is speculation and in many cases a lot of grasping at straws but would it be of use for Beck to consider the western Hedonistic Debauchery of some of the 9/11 hijackers leading up to the infamous act? How does this lifestyle mess into the narrative of the idealistic, purist, islamic zealot out for Heavenly glory and glory to Allah by striking down the infidels and their western hedonism?

    Our gov't using or engaging in mischief and creating scenarios for the purpose of staging war? And War for oil? Would the gov't create an event to use as a pretext to enter a war? Absolutely, Gulf of Tonkin by McNamara's own admission. See Google Video, see the movie "The Fog of War" where he flat out admits it.

    The Pentagon Papers where they clearly admit among other things that the real pretext to war in Vietnam goes all the way back to 1941' Sec. of State Hull and the importance of tin, rubber and (wait for it)....OIL! Oh but that's the words of that communist liberal Howard Zinn. Yep, sure is, in an Amercian courtroom, sitting in the witness chair under oath in front of a hostile gov't prosecutor waiting for any excuse to yell objection and stop his testimony at the first wrong move. Think about that as you read it, if you dare.

    So if situations were fabricated for Vietnam, also very likely for WW2 and Japan for getting us into a war not to mention Wilson's own action's in WW1, should we ignore completely suggestions that 9/11 was another contrived event for the pretext of war? People can do strange things and act very badly when presented with motive and opportunity together and with 9/11, I do think it possible that the event itself, even purely accidential if you will did provide the perfect opportunity and pretext to seek out the means to use in achieving other desired ends. Could the failures of security to catch these guys ahead of time been allowed to happen but it was never fully realized they could actually pull off on 9/11 what they did. If you ask that question then go the next step and ask, could the surprised look on Bush's face been one not of knowing what would happen but rather knowing they were here but never believing they could actually pull something like this off. Could they have expected a bunch of botched events and then using the botchery as the pretext for war? Not unlike the situation in Yemen and the rubber bomber is it? Opps, this time it's O-Bomb-A! Does it seem beyond the pale that our gov't would in fact let these people run amuck willy-nilly hoping to catch them in the act or obtain further information to use later?

    I also believe a lot of the current war talk with Iran is a part of a larger agenda and that attempting to provoke events for a war pretext is not beyond or unworthy of consideration at all. Was provocation by means of Kuwait and slant drilling (circa Dec. 1997') another US contrived event to a specific end? WW2, OIL? Vietnam, OIL? Gulf War 1, OIL? Gulf War 2, OIL? Iran, OIL? Afghanistan, gateway to Caspian Sea Oil? It was about Terrorsim! Israel/Gaza, OIL? WHAT THE!!!! Cuba, OIL? You're kidding!
    Doth a pattern emerge here? Who has a real vested interest here? Could we be about keeping oil off the market for the purpose of price support?

    Would Glen dare even brush against much less touch any of these issues? Unlike Hannity and Limbaugh who dangle out on the limb only to get the listener out there and then yank them back, even scold them on air for using logic and dare to take freedom and liberty to their logical ends. Glen will follow the masses to some extent but he brutalized Ron Paul early in his Presidential run only later once the obvious started coming clear of a shifting conservative movement that he then started trumpeting the bandwagon so to speak. He's still clearly in the Red State corner when it comes to war but I hear his economics are a bit more Austrian than Keynesian these days. I said a bit, he not anarcho-capitalist by any stretch. Unless his audience goes there, he won't take the lead so IMO this speaks volumes so much for his ideals and principles.

    Well we fnally got snow between 2 and 4 inches and still coming down but starting to taper off. It sure is pretty.
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    Yeah, but Glenn cries on TV. He cares, he really cares. And makes for a wonderful theater of the absurd.
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    I'm fortunate I have so many liberals here who are fans of glen beck so that I can stay current on his shows. :)
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    I know. I rely on our liberal friends here to keep me updated. I did miss Hannity last week. Where's Theotherside????
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    What's wrong with you two? Theater a little too upscale for ya?
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    I don't know I've never watch glen beck. From what I've seen the liberals do more to prop up the careers of Beck and Palin then I could ever do.