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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. wkmac

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    ACLU backing Rand's filibuster and actor John Cusack is calling folk out.

    Glad to see the lines of division blurr to call out that rat bastard murderer that now occupies the WH. Hope we get a war crimes trial one day, throw in the Bush regime and get us a 2 for 1 deal! Saddam and Osama have to be laughing their asses off at us about now and rightly so!
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    Why not just introduce legislation to ban the use of drones on Americans on American soil? Or does that come after the political posturing of one aiming for the White House?
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    Because Reid has already said......nothing will get done 'til after the '14 elections. So, tactics come into play!!
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    On the former, you could. On the latter, likely. The much larger point is the fact that such forces (and is) the conversation out into the living rooms, coffee shops and work places of America and it's also blurring the lines of the false construct of party politics. People are seeing the state more for what it is and this causes a rethinking. I've talked with several Obama supporters who now admit they are done with the 2 party state and will go 3rd party from now on. That's a start!

    I'm not convinced Rand would be in the well of the Senate if Obama the murderer was a republican, I never drank Rand's tea (pun intended) just because of his last name. But then if Obama was a GOPer, the title of this thread would have been "GO HARRY REID" and more and more average Americans are waking up to just how true that statement really is. Thus what we see in Washington is pure theater.

    In one sense, Obama has really been a good President for America because he has opened more eyes as to the horrific, evil nature of the state and the lies that can be told to perpetuate it. Many of those eyes are on the left side the isle too. And even those on the so-called right are having to face the contradictions. How is Obama a marxist, socialist, uber lefty loon when under his watch this happens? Or could it be that Wall Street itself is marxist, socialist too?
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    However, if you own a firearm of any kind, you are AUTOMATICALLY considered a combatant.
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    I liked his next question......."What took so long ?"
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    Rand got chastised by John McCain and Lindsey Graham. What a couple of worthless little maggots and my apologies to all maggots!
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    Rand Paul seems to have protected the American citizen in America ... by droning on.
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    Glenn Jacobs otherwise popularly known as Kane of WWE wrestling fame has written an open response to Sen. Maggot otherwise known as Lindsey Graham in regards to the filibuster by Rand Paul. Glenn rightly makes a good point in how so much legislation or policy passed in the corridors of power for one thing become warped and abused for other purposes not intended once applied in power.

    And concerning my calling Graham and McCain maggots, first I'd like to again apologize to maggots everywhere but more important, the people in Washington have become more and more adapt at making sport of demonizing the people of America across all strata of society. It's way pass time we start demonizing and belittling them back and I intend to do so when opportunity arises.
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    I keep thinking about that sign on the I-15 on the way to Vegas.......don't know exactly where, but Jeremy rings a bell. It's been saying "Ron Paul for pres. for years". He's going to have to repaint his sign for Rand.

    I think now that Jeremy's may be the name of his garage/market/home of "The Hills Have Eyes" gang. Anyone who has driven I-15 to Vegas knows where the Ron Paul sign is.....it's famous like Rock-a-Hula park in Newberry Springs and the ZZYZX Rd. sign right outside of Baker..
  14. Monkey Butt

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    Just paint over the "on" in Ron and it's good to go.
  15. wkmac

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    Glenn Greenwald on the Rand Paul filibuster.

    Since OWS protesters have been accused by "officials" of being terrorists, further echoed by the none thinking public other wise known as suckers. Holder's assurances that no American outside the "combat" narrative framework comes off to me as being very hollow. From the Greenwald piece:

    Labeling a bunch of impressionable kids at an OWS encampment as terrorists is just flat wrong but then once tagged, it's not a stretch for some sociopathic, megalomaniac, those in power or do I repeat myself, to then ramp up the spin and narrative and these kids could see death from above. Once done, if the Tea Party rallies begin to rattle the wrong cages, what stops the same from taking place with them?

    Protecting those who say things you don't want to hear is often the means of protecting yourself when you say things they don't want to hear. Don't allow the state to use divide and conquer and then everyone loses.