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    I often wondered where some of our hard left BC members get their news from and i think i found the place...its Huffington Post. I know most the the media is left leaning and some our so in the tank for Obama its funny. But after reading this whole article i think i see where it all comes from. Its not just Bill Maher and Jon Stewart...

    Propaganda dot com -- Huffington Post Has a Party and It's Democratic

    The post-Christmas headline reads: “THE MOLOTOV PARTY,” and it’s not talking about a fiery New Year’s Eve bash. Naturally, it refers to the GOP and accompanies a photo of the top candidates, with every single letter of the headline capitalized for emphasis. Within a few hours, it morphs into “THEY ♥ MANDATES,” an attack this time on Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.Political junkies would recognize that level of anti-Republican vitriol and readily identify the perpetrator – Huffington Post. HuffPo, as it is sometimes called, has evolved from a simple news aggregator into one of the most sophisticated propaganda operations the world has ever seen.

    The site was started by political chameleon Arianna Huffington, who used to be conservative before she discovered it was far more lucrative to be liberal. The zeros that entrepreneur Huffington paid bloggers for their content came back to her as $20 million to $30 million or more, along with $4 million a year. That was part of the $315 million sale to AOL that turned Huffington into a media mogul and the most powerful propagandist since a guy named Goebbels.
    Internet denizens might say that last comment violated Godwin’s Law, as Third Reich references often do. And it would, except it’s true. Huffington heads up a “news” team whose two aims are to drive traffic and to drive conservatives and the GOP into the ground. The HuffPo team is good at both.
    Everywhere you look on the site, Republicans and conservatives are doing something bad. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has a “harsh plan.” Former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson is now making “wild Islamophobic claims.” Even so-called “star” actor Benjamin Walker (appearing as Lincoln in the upcoming “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) gets covered for sending out an anti-GOP Christmas card. Actor Steven Weber sums up this attitude with a call for trials for conservatives. “The scale of Right Wing sociopolitical sabotage necessitates a Nuremberg-scale trial,”he wrote, frothing all the way.
    The GOP candidates are particular targets. There’s a “Perry shocker.” Or, is Iowa “Bachmann’s Last Stand?” What was the Perry shocker? Who knows? The headline just goes to the HuffPo politics page which is so filled with anti-GOP material that it’s hard to differentiate.
    And there are no depths to which the HuffPo team won’t delve. One story even went into the bathroom to stalk libertarian Rep. Ron Paul and accuse him of being a homophobe (the ultimate crime in lefty “journalism.”) “Ron Paul Reportedly Refused To Use Gay Man's Bathroom,” it read. If a GOP candidate hung a roll of toilet paper the wrong way, a Huffington Post “reporter” would come crawling through the gutter to write about it.

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    Arianna Huffington would be a guest on a show and she was always the hardest thing to listen to. She has the same demeanor as Alan Colmes to me.