Going to Disney World in June. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by gman, May 11, 2005.

  1. gman

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    I was supposed to go for my 50th B-day but my son decided to get married, The next year my daughter got hitched so this year it's finally my turn! After dish out so much cash for weddings, I'm surprised my wife is willing to go. Anybody have any don't miss favorites in the World.
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    Actually, not to be partisan, but I have always liked the American Exhibit best.

    They have a nice live singing group while you wait for the next "show" and the amount of stuff that appears on the stage in the show is a technological wonder and always leaves me feeling proud as well as entertained.

    The nightly laser light and music show is nice as well, but you have to pick your spot and man it a bit early or you will be looking over a lot of shoulders at best.
  3. ms.

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    Where are you staying? I LOVE DisneyWorld and loved the Disney cruises!! Details, details....

    Make sure you go over to Fort Wilderness at the Meadow Trading Post for the outdoor sing-a-long, movie and campfire w/ Chip n Dale. Starts at 8pm and is FREE to any resort guests. They sell all kinds or junk food and smores kits for the campfire. It's a drive-in movie screen outdoors and you sit on bleachers.

    One of my favorite memories second only to Chef Mickey's breakfast at the Contemporary hotel. Cute, cute, cute! Worth every penny. Take the monorail over to the Contemporary. You will need a reservation for this...it is very popular so call now (407)WDW-Dine. Fantasmic Show was also good.
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    The Magic Kingdom is just wonderful!! My favorite ride is Space Mountain. I giggled the whole time I was on that ride.

    We went to the Hoop De Do Revue (dinner/theater) inside of Fort Wilderness one night and it was a blast. Very expensive though.

    My husbands favorite ride is at Epcot. Mission SPACE. I personally hated it. It made me deathly sick for the rest of the day. It was my fault though, there were plenty of warnings for people who suffer from motion sickness like I do and stupid me rode it anyway.

    If you like roller coasters be sure and try the Aerosmith inside of MGM.

    Also, inside of Epcot in The Living Seas, be sure to go to the interactive show, "Turtle Talk with Crush". It is geared for kids, but it is hilarious. Our whole family really enjoyed it.

    I could go on and on. Our family just went in March. It was my husband, myself and our two daughters. Our oldest (22) had been a couple of times when she was in high school and but it was the first time for the rest of us. Our youngest daughter (19) is special needs and the Disney people were just wonderful to her and really went above and beyond to make her trip special.

    I keep telling my husband that when I win the lottery we are moving to Orlando.

    Have fun and if you have any questions, ask away!
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    Skip Diney and go to Sea World instead!!

    OK, OK, I know you won't skip it, but take a day and go to Sea World. We liked it far more than Disney.
    Have a ball whatever you do!
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    we have been the last 5 years in a row, we are going to take this year off from Disney. Probably go to P.C. Beach.
  7. At our center every day is disney world.I ask for help they send me tinkerbell,at times things are so mickey mouse its just goofy.Sometimes I think they are on pluto,Were all pretending too be buzz lightyear,and huey dewy and louie are
    sneaking in the back door...
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    Nice!! LOL
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    double standard,

    I know what you mean. In the morning "I come in peace" and they send me "to infinity and beyond!"[​IMG]
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  11. gman

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    allearsnet.com is at the top of my favorites list!

    I'm on it every night. I was finishing up all my dinner reservations with a disney planner today and scheduled a fishing trip too. ([​IMG]Had to cancel golf due to a bad back) Hope it's worth it!
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    I am assuming it is an adult trip. I have had a great time with adults only, went for a convention. When I have taken the family, bought Birnbaum's travel book. There is one for adults only. Followed their advice and was able to avoid some of the busy times. I am also assuming you are staying on Disney property, best choise. Take advantage of the early admission because you can beat the lines on the most popular attractions. Reef restaurant is fabulous. The race track is also fun. The simulator rides are amazingly realistic. Above all have a great time and be a kid.
  13. legs

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    Don't miss the Tower of Terror, it's a blast!
  14. gman

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    Ms pacman

    Staying at the Boardwalk Garden Suites, sharing with my daughter and her husband who invited themselves on my vacation! It also happens to be their first anniversary. (And I'm sure he wants to spend it with the in-laws?????)

    We have reservations at the California Grill Sunday, dinner at the Yachtsman Steak House Monday, followed by priority seating for the Illuminations at Epcot so we don't have to be there an hour and a half ahead of time. Lunch at the Grand Floridian and dinner at Fulton Crab House Tuesday followed by Circe de Sole, and dinner at Narcoosees(sp) Wens. Tried to get a lunch at the Castle for Sunday but it was booked so were going to the Crystal Palace instead. My wifes idea of a vacation is to have someone serve her every meal so I will probably gain ten pounds in six days.

    37 more days![​IMG]
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    Rockin Rollercoaster is the best. The quality of Sea World pales compared to Disney parks. Enjoy a $10 glass of beer at Germany in Epcot!
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    gman......boycott France !!
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    I'm going to the Happiest place one Earth June 27-30, and then Cocoa Beach for 3 days to unwind from the Disney Adventure.
    This will be our 4th year in a row with the kids.

    We are hoping my wife sells another house before then so we can splurge and stay at the contemporary hotel, once in my lifetime.
    You also get a couple extra hours if your a Resort guest.

    If you get to Disneys Animal Kingdom, check out Its Tough to be a Bug, pretty cool.

    I would also recommend the park hopper option, so you can check out all the parks when ever you wish.

    Have fun!
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    please don't move to Fl, we have way to many here now, we want to move out!
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    I think you will like the cirque du soleil show(la Nouba). Ive seen it twice. Its getting kind of expensive now. $80.00 mabey.

    I also enjoy the Bahama Breeze rest. Its 5 min away from downtown Disney.


    Or one of the many all you can eat lobster feasts they have in Orlando.

    The Keys to the Kingdom tour was well worth the money i thought. It was very cool going under the park in the Utilidors.

  20. rushfan

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    I won't be going to the happiest place on earth. My kids are too young, and the happiest place on earth turns to "hell on earth".