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    Finally got the call today that i'll be going to integrad in 3 weeks...

    should be interesting, i heard its brutal bootcamp.. shouldnt be to tough though.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do yourself a favor---memorize the Depth of Knowledge questions, including Yard Control.
  3. bad company

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    Memorize all of your safety material... verbatim. If you do that, it'll be a cake walk.
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    How's the DIAD training, do they test you on this?
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    You will spend a lot of time (literally a couple of hours at least) on the DIAD each day. Integrad is one of the better training classes UPS has, if not THE best.
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    dam this sucks, buddy of mine told me after training and qualifying they put you on Saturday airs , i wasn't expecting to work Saturdays... i do have a life outside of ups.
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    not anymore
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    I don't think they can force you to be a Sat. air driver... I may be wrong though. DIAD training is mostly computer-based. Hard to fail... and I think you just retake it until you get a 100%. Sat. Air is a good opportunity to get accustomed to driving the truck in "real world" environments, and learning the slight nuances that come along with the job. By the time you get ready to be a cover driver or go FT, it'll be a breeze. Keep that in mind too.
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    Do not wander from the path of truth!
    I have seen this integrad spelled with a capital I. Do not be deceived for there is only one capital I.

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    You will enjoy Integrad, atleast I did. The first day it is pretty overwhelming. The whole class is very well organized and informative. The DIAD training is done by linking with your computer. Get the safety stuff down word for word before you go and you will already be able to pass a good percentage of the final material.
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    It's very easy. The hard part (if you can call it that) of integrad is memorizing the 5 seeing habits, 10 pt commentary and reciting while driving the vehicle and using them (trainer will definitly drill everyone multiple times depending on class size). Other than that, it's very very redundant safety information and training w/ diad and etc. Nothing too difficult.

    UPS can discriminate against anyone they want so your best bet(after you finish easygrad) is to keep your head down and run and do whatever they ask during your qualfication period if you really want to make book.

    ALso, remember that if the job you are entering is not needed, they will disqualify you or anyone even if you are perfect.
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    I think the safety, 10-5 I can easily knock out before I even get there, i should have no problem with DIAD ( was a driver helper for 4 years)... my driving and shifting(grinded gears a few times) is So SO, My backing up is my weakest.
    What about 32 pretrip material should i know this?
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    I went to UPS school 8-10 yrs ago. It was nothing like Integrad. I would know the depth of knowledge material, to include yard control, verbatim or as close as you can to verbatim. Your experience with the DIAD was most likely limited to driver release and basic commercial deliveries but I doubt if you were ever asked to do a multiple left at, or to sheet a refusal, or to sheet a COD which also has brokerage fees, or to sheet an international waybill, or even just an ASD.

    I would be hardpressed to tell you the 32 pretrip material.

    Go there with an open mind ready to learn.
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    ROD, you are picking out some great movie clips. I think 'I Robot' was one of the best movies put on the screen.
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    The retirees that have been able to move on have a life.
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    My point exactly.

    I'm out.