Good thing we are prepared

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MyTripisCut, Nov 30, 2019 at 4:36 PM.

  1. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

    Oh it’s coming ...might even be the 80 hr rule this year! :lol:
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  2. The Driver

    The Driver I drive.

    I’m so thankful all 1 of our 22.4 drivers will save our peak.
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  3. Heavy Package

    Heavy Package Well-Known Member

    My car was half full Saturday with business alone. Closed business Fri and Saturday will be back on the car tomorrow. The hub looked like a whore for Ballard Design and Wayfair with all the left in building pieces. 14 hrs for sure tomorrow. Already planning on it.

    No giving this company 1 ounce extra effort this peak. It's time to ring the register boys!!
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  4. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

    Heavy commercial routes were already bulked out
  5. iruhnman630

    iruhnman630 Well-Known Member

    My supes pleading with me to take more stops off the route I helped yesterday doesn't think we were prepared
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Well-Known Member

    He was not at the delivery point, which was closed for the day, so this would not have been an option. Not to say how pissed they would have been had he been able to leave 25 boxes of gloves downstairs at the main reception desk.
  7. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

  8. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    Told preload 1:15 start time. 3hrs earlier then normal... we’ll see what loads look like in the morning.
  9. watdaflock?

    watdaflock? Well-Known Member

    2AM here.
  10. 542thruNthru

    542thruNthru Well-Known Member

    We were all told start time is 730am Monday and 9am the rest of the week.

    Should be interesting
  11. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    8am and then ‘they want to push it to 9:20 rest of week’.

    Meanwhile local hubs under a different district are being told they can come in as early as 7:30 to help sort/load their truck so they’re not out so late.
  12. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    for free or while being paid?
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  13. burrheadd

    burrheadd KING Of GIFS

    thats 11 or 12 for the free world
  14. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

    07:30 - 21:30 tomorrow :lol:
  15. Run out of hours early!!
  16. AwashBwashCwash

    AwashBwashCwash Active Member

    Start time 1 AM.
    Amazing how all this crap perfectly coincides with finals week.
    When it rains it pours I guess.
  17. MECH-lift

    MECH-lift Union Brother

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  18. Poop Head

    Poop Head Lovin' every minute of it!

    Shoulda built a wall I'm the north to keep them storms out
  19. Richard Harrow

    Richard Harrow Deplorable.

    We are a voluntary 745 start tomorrow (if preload is wrapped, which it should with a 0015 start), so I'll come in and sit at the wheel of my blocked in PC until everyone else shuffles in at 820.
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  20. @rickyb will send you some snow