"google" buys "you tube"


Can anyone explain to me how google is making money?
They dont have any adds on the site.If they do I never click on them.
They bought you tube for 1.65 billion $ that is 999 million plus some.
Wheres the money?On paper? on line?Is the internet infinate like the universe?With all the blogs, wont the internet get full?
inform me


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Google's deal to buy YouTube was done with Google stock instead of cash. At over $400 a share, not bad for a couple of twenty something year old guys who started out working in their garage.


You really get to depend on your computer...and we dont really have to...but I`m a googaholic...and all the answers are all there...like ok who did that stupid song called "my boyfriend`s back"...just type it in google and you`ll find they were called The Angels.The photos of saturn are better than staring at a fire drinkin` beer goin yup yup yup.
Its infinate...if you wanna be smarter its all there.If I had this computer when I was young,things would not be the same.Well maybe its all relative,the kids today are the same as the kids in any given year,its natural to revolt against authority.


If your business is advertising on google you set up an account. You advertise through the search service. You set it up so that when users of google are directed to your web site then google collects a fee from you.

Example you set up a site selling pink ponies. In the setup info you state the key words are pink, pony and pink pony. Each time a searcher types pink pony in the search bar a link to your web site pops up. When the searcher clicks on the link then you the pink pony site owner is charged a quarter. You can also set up the account for a maximum of clicks per day. that way you can limit the amount of charges a day and protect yourself from an overdraft. All clicks are pay as you go credit card or checking account.