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  1. So I'll be working 3:30-8:00 AM at Fedex and 1-5:30 at UPS. I have a couple of questions for anyone that would know. Does FedEx pay weekly? What holidays are they off? Is it a faster or slower pace than UPS?
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    When do you plan on sleeping?
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    #1 rule, absolutely keep your mouth shut about where your second job is...

    I've known a few people able to pull this off without a hitch, but honestly you can't say a word.
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  4. Opps. I've actually told both UPS and Fedex I was doing this. Neither said boo. I got the idea from one of the PT Sups at UPS who worked at FedEx as an hourly for a while last year for some extra cash. I mean I really like working at UPS but had they gotten mad about this I really would of been angry. They expect me to sit around and work 22 hours on their little part time shift my whole life?
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  5. I'll drive straight from Fedex to UPS and sleep in my car until it's time to work. This is the life I chose for better or worse.
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    Well, good luck with that.
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    Ground pays weekly. Only the major holidays off. I'm sure the pace is similar. I doubt you'll actually get that whole shift at Ground. They will probably start closer to 4 and get you off the clock around 7.
    I would spend the time between shifts looking for a better job.
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    So how you're going to work around peak? Lol.
  9. Yeah I've already thought about that and it'll suck haha. We typically start at 9:30 everyday at UPS during peak so hopefully I'm done with FedEx by that time in the morning then. It'll work itself out. I told Fedex that I worked at UPS and then at the orientation today they went through all the policies and one of them was you can not work at UPS. I'll just keep my mouth shut about it from here on out. Hopefully it was just a situation where the guy had to say that but in reality he could care less.

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    I wouldn't worry about it to much. If it comes down to it, quit FedEx. UPS is the better option long term.
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    Hopefully he couldn't care less!;)
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    I worked at both for about a year many years ago. I started UPS on twilight first then applied at RPS, which had been bought by FedEx not long before that, and chose noonday. I was pulled out of training by the supervisor giving the class. He said he always let UPSers choose their work areas from the available work because of their experience. I choose to unload.

    He said that once FedEx had complete control of RPS they would no longer accept UPSers but that anyone hired before that happened would be grandfathered in. A few months later that was true. New hires had to sign a paper that said they didn't work, and wouldn't work, at UPS. I saw more than a few people turned away and fired after that started.
  13. My first day was Saturday morning at FedEx and the sort manger was clearly aware I work for UPS. He openly talked about both companies with me so I'm good. I'm about to see if I can get a bump in pay for my experience. I won't hold my breath.
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    Damn it now I have coffee all over my monitor. Best of luck with that pay bump... HAHAHA!
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    Well it just goes to show how the times they have a changed. FedEx is so starved for bodies these days that they don't give a rip if your other job is with ISIS.

    And yes - good luck indeed with that pay bump due to your experience! (you've just got to let us all know how that little meeting went)... That "experience" may net you a coupon for 50% off a (small) snow cone at your next visit to Splash Splash Water Park.
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  18. Talked to the sort manger about a raise and he asked how long I worked at UPS and what all I've done there. Upped my pay from 11.00 to 12.50. I was happy with that.
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    okay, now I can see you're obviously not at Express...
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    Some people are good at negotiating and others not. Having a union do it for you allows terrible negotiators to still make something but at the cost of being worse than most good negogiators.