Got a working suspension, please advise

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    Hi guys. I'm a loader at a hub for trailers. Unfortunately I've been written up for missorts and I'm at the point where it is gonna be my first working suspension. I'm alright with my supervisor but I feel my Lead has it in for me, that he wants to get me fired. I know that my Lead specifically tells my sup to write me up when if up to my sup he would let me slide. Last write up was for 3 missorts during the week.

    I'm actually a good worker. My missorts started when I took my contacts off cause they irritated my eyes. I now have them on and concentrating on no missorts.

    What do you guys recommend in the future?
    How close am I to being fired now that I'm at 'Suspension'?
    Am I one write up more from being fire?
    Also does my write up progression reset?
  2. over9five

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    Slow down. Concentrate less on speed, more on missorts.
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    First you must file a grievance protesting the discipline, If not you will be serving whatever the company decides to give you.

    Unless you have had a hearing and the outcome was a suspension, you only have a pending suspension, which means they are hoping to suspend you but will have a hearing to decide the outcome.

    The progressive discipline starts with verbal warning, then written warning, next is suspension, then termination. As I said though each offence starting with suspension will have a hearing to determine if a suspension ot termination is justified.

    Just be careful, and keep your focus, you should be fine. I can tell you from experience, at your hearing they will look at what you have done since the discipline was handed out, if you have dramatically improved, the chances are good for a reduction in discipline. The main intent of discipline is to correct bad habit or behavior, if you can show that has been done it will go a long way in your defense.
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    In our area, no one has EVER NOT ONCE been terminated for misloads. It is simply the company giving you a crock of **** to get results.

    Now other areas (such as grgrcr88s local), they may have no stones and actually allowing the discipline to carry on for misloads. The contract states that you will work to the best of your ability and a fair days work for a fair days pay.

    Your best bet is to work slowly, read every label, and make them eat their words. I was in a similar situation with misloaods on my second shift. The PT supervisor gave the same schpiel to me. I slowed down to a crawl and had zero misloads.

    Make 'em eat their words, they will find a new target once you make a commitment for perfect service, because God knows the PPH is more important than service IF your areas misload freq is reasonable. If your areas freq is NOT acceptable, slow down to a crawl if you must give perfect service, until areas freq is back up.
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    SLOW DOWN and make sure your putting the right package in the right car. IF you can't keep up just start pileing up on the outside of the car and put then in when you have a chance.

    Don't worry about getting fired if they think you can't load atruck they will move you somewhere else in the building. Unless there are other issues like you not showing up to work alot. Otherwise don't worry about it.

    Remember don't sign anything and if a SUP pulls you into and office tell them you need to have a stewart there with you.
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    Your employment may be terminated for "failure to follow methods/instructions," if the missorts/misloads continue. Are you in one destination or are you jumping in and out of several trailers? Are you familiar with the zip code ranges and wearing a check chart? Are you reading the zip codes out loud. "Slowing down" is not the answer, unless you are loading like a maniac. I have had several employee load at 400 450 pph range and they were fantastic checkers. Bottom line is to follow the load methods that you were taught; they really do work.

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    Number 1, I would not accept a working suspension. I would demand that I get to go home unpaid.

    Here you usually get 2 suspensions before termination. Maybe a 1-3 day first then a week. I've only heard this from talking to coworkers. I've never been suspended.
  8. Anonymous 10

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    Tell them you would like to become a sorter you will study on your own time it will help them out and take some of the heat off you. If you can't do that ask to become an unloader. It'll take you right off the rader.
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    407 is right. If you find it impossible to work slowly and methodically to load, then go to unload. Easiest job at UPS.
  10. Bubblehead

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    What is a working suspension? I don't recall that as an option contractually. Is this scenario provided for in your local language? Seems like a contradiction of terms and an indication of an idle threat by the company. If your not careful, you may end up on double secret probation.