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Section 3

The seniority of an employee shall be considered broken for the following reasons, and the employee shall be considered terminated:

(d) if the employee fails to report to work for three (3) consecutive working days and does not properly notify the Employer at the beginning of his/her starting time on the third (3rd) day.

So what you're saying is I get 2 free consecutive no-call no-shows?


ahhh....the mouth breathers
If they are 3 or 4 in a row, they can. It is called job abandonment.
No call no show yes that’s job abandonment. Calling out for several days....that’s progressive discipline. I called off the entire week after Christmas (With no paid time off left for the year because it resets on January 1st) and only got a warning letter.


ahhh....the mouth breathers
The key here is you called out. The OP here did not.
Ohhhh I he just no called no showed multiple days? Yea that’s bad. I understand he has anxiety issues and that’s totally an FMLA condition but at least call if you’re not coming in.

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So I got fired this new center manager at our center noticed my attendance was bad past couple weeks but little did he know I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and it’s supposed to go away in time - id literally have panic attacks on the way to work every single day and just could not work. I’d feel like walls were closing in on me and I’d have to turn around and immediately go home. I’d go into the warehouse not every day because of the condition. I desperately need insurance right now. My union steward said he’s going to “try” to get me a hearing on 23rd. What is a hearing? What should I be prepared for. This is a scary time to not have insurance. And I know what a lot of you are going to say - “should’ve been at work” I had perfect attendance for 3 years before all this happened, it’s an actual disorder but goes away with therapy. Any thoughts? Anybody been any any similar situations? Should I talk to more than one steward? Thank you for your serious answers and not bashing me, although I’m sure they’re going to come.
You've been with the company over for 5 years and this started happening to you my question to you is how do you not know what a hearing it is? do you work in a building by yourself ?I to believe that you are probing for some manager!