Greenwald: Obama verses the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran

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    Let's for the moment play a little "Sci-fi" game and visit an alternative universe where as it realtes to global power and position, Iran and the US switched places so to speak. Now consider this as a pretext before you shift to that alternate world.

    Now using the above known history and before going forward, if you doubt that statement then let me direct you to several places. First, the 6 minute YouTube piece at the above link is a start or you can view also at YouTube the History Channel's program entitled, "Ayatollah Khomeini Declassified" which cover the Iranian coup of 1953' that was orchestrated by the US and the UK via CIA operatives.

    At Wikipedia you can find a lot of good background from footnotes and external links on Operation AJAX and American involvement in bringing down a democratically elected gov't.'%C3%A9tat

    Now taking this into consideration, what would you be thinking about now if this was really our reality?

    Also found at

    Maybe when you take the old adage of "walking a mile in the other fella's shoes" it can begin to change your perspective a bit. Maybe it's time we started doing that for a change instead of doing what we keep doing.
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    You're making this overly complicated, mac. Everyone knows they hate us because of our freedom.
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    Maybe it's time we got a bit complicated because look at us now when we've used simplistic thinking as away of life. I did read one sentnece in the piece and I'm hoping someone will help me to clarify this for my own understanding. Here's the sentence:

    I'm not a devotee to a specific religious sect although I enjoy studying about religion (great subject and great moral lessons to live one's life by) but I'm gonna need a bit of help trying to peg down just what extreme religious sects the author might be alluding too. Typically, these people who are predisposed to violence are also very predisposed to using force and especially force to submit to their will of what they believe is right or wrong and what direction larger society as a whole should be headed in. They also like to gather into larger groups or collectives where they feel having numbers around them who feel the same gives them security that they are right in their thinking. They rarely if every do or think in an individual manner outside the larger collective thought. Once the mob effect starts to coalesce, others who lack the will to stand individually but not so much predisposed to violence join the larger group in the hopes of being a part of the winning side but the dominate violent personalities tend to hold powers of leadership in some capacity. The group or sect now takes on a very narrow dogma and demand all around them to conform to that dogma or else. In most cases, a demand of undying loyality to the cause of a single leader is compelled either through physical or in many cases mental pressures and this will insures a compliance on the larger society to root out any and all opposition to the ruling dogma.

    My question is, are the extreme religious sects spoken of called democrats and republicans?

    You know I'm gonna get in big trouble for that one!
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    Eric S. Margolis is an award-winning, internationally syndicated columnist. His articles appear in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Times of London, the Gulf Times, the Khaleej Times and Dawn.

    He is a regular columnist with the Quebecor Media Company and a contributor to The Huffington Post. He appears as an expert on foreign affairs on CNN, BBC, France 2, France 24, Fox News, CTV and CBC.

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    Besides the Grand Wizard Ayatollah, not guaranteed Ahmad will retain power in June 2009 with him driving their economy down the drain and isolation thru the roof.
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    Khatami is growing in strength and appears to become a major force against Ahmadinejad which is a good thing IMO for the Persians first and foremost.

    Also the veil of Gov't Mythology as it relates to Iran is more and more being exposed to the world, President Obama will likely see huge pressure from the political elites to manipulate more myth about Iran in order to maintain the status quo as it relates to Middle East policy.
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    Seems the gov't propaganda machin.......oh I mean the American media took a powder on this "shoe throwing" in the Middle East.

    Shoe reportedly thrown at Iranian president Ahmadinejad

    I guess something like this being reported would tend to disrupt the propoganda purposes of Iran being the center of evil these days. Instead of taking a backseat view as things like this and this show real potential going forward. Instead, we have President Obama renewing US sanctions as his Secretary of State publically declares a lack of faith in diplomacy with Iran, one wonders if her judgement is clouded by her own husband's past actions in this matter? Then again, our new Sec. of State may have past alliegances to protect! Following the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Perle/Wolfowitz doctine are we?

    Do you ever get the feeling we are forced to watch the same ole bad movie over and over again? What makes us not realize this fact is that at each showing the actors are different so we never connect the same story and plot being force fed at each showing!

    Our new President ran on a platform under the heading of "Change" and most people considered this to mean a change of business as usual in Washington. Instead, we've gotten business as usual as we see the same ole' this and this and most importantly, this this!

    But hey, if the masses of Obamaites want to keep repeating like programmed zombies:

    "Obama has kept his share of promises more than your led to believe"

    then ignore reality and continue forward. Bush kept some of his promises too like tax cuts but what was the final cost in the end? Real change doesn't mean "keeping his share of promises" as all the liars and thieves elected project the illusion of doing that!

    Funny how in all the stuff I've posted regarding the BS of Obama, the only response from the Messiah Amen corner I've seen is something about moving me and my kind to Alaska. Again, nothing but force from those who cry change and never asking once did the folks from Alaska want such a condition. I'd bet the moment we decided to do something different with the oil fields, they'd be the one's crying for invasion to stop us!

    Meet the new Hypocrite, Same as the old Hypocrite!