Grienvance question

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    Grievance question

    I have a question for the stewards on these forums. Earlier this night (10/24) my rights of seniority were violated when i was forced to go home after my assignment was done. Every night for the past month i have stayed after my assignment of sorting to go unload the "late loads" trailers from cleveland and a couple other centers/ hubs further away that they wanted unloaded but dont need the whole operation. Generally they force 3 other people to stay because they are the lower end of the seniority list for unloading. My question is, is it worth my time to talk to my union steward about filing a grievance, for only a half an hr of work that would have been performed (45 mins at most) , and i have witnesses to me being forced to go home and told "there was no extra work" by my sorting supervisior, even though the unload sup had just told two people to go unload one of the trailers that had arrived, both of which i have more seniority than. Also am i allowed to file a grievance as i only have like 2 months seniority or do u need like 6 months a year, etc??? thank you for your help. Funny thing, my steward was also standing about 10 ft away and looked over. So ill probably talk to him when i go in tomorrow anyways.

    P.S. i read the contract and the language cited in Art. 57 Section 1 seems pretty clear that my rights were violated correct me if im wrong
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    Re: Grievance question

    What I would do is get your steward and confront the shift manager. Tell him/her what the situation is (you were being asked to stay, but now you're being sent home and less senior people are staying) and that you want to stay and do the extra work. That way the boss knows that you want to stay, and you had someone else there to witness the conversation. Then if you see it happen again (less senior people working), you can file and win that grievance. Just remember when you file to write down the info....the persons name w/ less seniority, and approx. how long they worked. Good luck !:thumbup1:
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    Yeah, I agree. Let them know, with witnesses, that you want extra work if available. No need so soon to file paperwork if it doesn't happen again. If it does then on a regular basis....file. My two cents.
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    Personally i feel i shouldn't have to notify my sups, b/c the unload and sort sups know i stay everyday, even earlier in that day i heard my sort sup the one who made me go home say to some one else in the sort aisle "normally he stays to do the late loads unloading them but last night Becker had him sort the re run b/c we didn't have enough sorters." If I've stayed enough to get a normally i stay, it should basically automatic in their head that I'm wanting to stay.
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    Your basic problem here was that you assumed that they had something in their heads.:lol::lol::lol:
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    Yes my bad for assumption, didn't help that when i told my supervisor that i was look for the unload sup to ask him if i could stay (i always ask the unload sup just in case). She freaks out on me.
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    Re: Grievance question

    The key here is that your assignment was done... You said "Every night for the past month i have stayed after my assignment of sorting to go unload ..." So your job description is Sorter...

    A Supervisor CAN NOT take away YOUR WORK and give to someone else... This would also mean a supe can not take a Unloaders work away and give to a Sorter UNLESS the unloaders wanted to go home. That would leave the supervisor to fill those spots based on those qualified and by seniority.
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    Re: Grievance question

    Your right about taking away from their assignment, however in my eyes and the eyes of my steward, and the shift manager (he, my steward and I had a chat last night about this incident), we all agreed that what is printed out on the daily lineup sheet with the volume to be processed and the amount of trucks on it is the assignment, and he (the mgr) stated that the late loads are not figured into the volume tallies and such, making it extra work, thus entitling it to anyone with more seniority than the person performing it if they want it (and are done with their assignment, which are normally just the unloaders and the primary sorters since the PD sorters and loaders have to wait for the loads to be done so they can close up their trucks, except for the out of state trucks since almost all the packages are to be delivered in buffalo, WNY, or Central NY). And lets be honest, it isn't that hard to qualify for unloading....if u don't get the gist of it after 10 mins maybe you should be in a padded room. Plus most of the people that are forced to stay dont give a rats @$$, they wanna get home and tie one on or light up if u catch my drift.