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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Flakyfoot, Nov 26, 2006.

  1. Flakyfoot

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    I'm new here, a relative of mine must appear at a grievance hearing and is scared to death.

    My relative has worked in sorting for almost 6 mos. at the Rockford, Illinois hub. He has made a few mistakes, but loves working there and is very dependable and loyal - never late, missed one night sick, for oral surgery which they knew about ahead of time.

    One night about a month ago, his Union Steward was off for the night. My relative mis - sorted 2 or 3 items. His supervisor immediately called him over, slammed down resignation papers and tried to get him to sign. My relative refused and went back to work. The next night, when his steward was back, they met with Human Resources, who gave him a one day suspension, or get fired. Then, the steward filed a grievance. Since then, he has done a couple more mis-sorts.

    My relative received a registered letter on Wednesday from the Teamsters. They have scheduled a grievance hearing in Chicago in two weeks. The Teamsters local 710 hall is 100 miles away and very expensive to get to (probably 1/2 a measly paycheck). The letter says he MUST appear or forfeit the grievance. He's been off for Thanksgiving, so he's had 5 days to "stew" over this and is very upset.

    I guess the question is, can he do this over the phone? If not, Will the Teamsters pay his transportation costs? Is his steward expected to come with him? My relative is young and has never driven in Chicago and is practically getting an ulcer over this. How does this work? He won't see his Union Steward until Monday night. Thanks!:blushing:
  2. over9five

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    So you're saying they want to fire him for about 5 mis-sorts???

    I don't believe it. There has to be more to the story. Your relative is not telling you everything. Especially this time of the year no-one gets fired. We are too short-handed!
  3. Flakyfoot

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    I'll ask him - there probably is more to the story!!
  4. trickpony1

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    This whole situation seems fraught with procedural errors on both sides of the table.
    What really seems to stand out is the stressed, out of control management techniques.
    Where in the contract does it talk about mis-sorts? If this is the case, then fire half of the sorters at my building. You should see the pile of mis-sorts under the slide of the trailers I must wait on.
    No union representation but the supe is slamming down exit papers? Big mistake.
    One day suspension or get fired? Whatever happened to progressive discipline? Another big mistake.
    "...must appear or forfeit...."? first I've heard of this in 28 years. Sure, It would look good if the grievant appeared but I don't think it is required.
    Whatever happened to the "local" hearing that usually occurs on property?

    Something is seriously amiss here.......
  5. trickpony1

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    Just an afterthought......
    ask your relative if all this is worth it. He/she can make just as much at Wallyworld and do half the work.
  6. Flakyfoot

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    I've been trying to contact him - I have to believe there's more to the story!
  7. Flakyfoot

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    I should mention that the statement, "....must appear or forfeit...." is EXACTLY what it says in the letter. It has two sentences, I've seen the letter!
  8. bear123

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    I agree. missorts is just the nature of the business. that supervisor has to have it out for your relative. there has to be more to it. usually letters of resignation are offered as the last resort. usually it starts with a verbal warning, then a written letter and maybe a second letter before the man's job is threatened. :mad:
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  9. Flakyfoot

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    OK, I just spoke to him. It turns out the grievance is because they are trying to fire him for a number of mis-sorts, not just a few. He had a warning or two. However, he has been told that, since he is so dependable, and generally a good employee, they will encourage him to switch departments just after Xmas when his 6 mos. are in. He told me he is very respectful, always asks before he takes his break, etc., etc. I know him, he's not the type to verbally harass anyone, or purposely screw up!

    I guess the question still is, will this hearing actually take place? I would think they have to expect some mis-sorts since there is a human involved in the process and humans are not perfect. This hearing will be SUCH a hassle for him! Has anyone ever gone through this in Chicago? Thanks!
  10. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Why can't your "relative" SPEAK FOR HIMSELF so nothing gets lost in the translation from us, through you, to him?
    What a deal he is getting (sarcasm intended)! They are trying to fire him as a sorter but then they say they love him and want him to switch departments?
    In none of your posts have you mentioned what the business agent (the guy above the steward over at the union hall) has said about this.
    The possibility exists that the company just wanted your relative to spend his holiday all torn up inside (over a frickin' $8 an hour job) and all will be forgotten come monday night.
    I am still curious why there, apparently, was not a local hearing at the building to try and hash through this.
    It appears the company is relenting by offering him a transfer to another department.
    I have seen a yard shifter that was fired for having a roll away and IMMEDIATELY rehired back into the hub. So, in a twisted way, this may be a blessing for your "relative". One could say the company wants him and realizes his potential but the only way they can get him into the department that they want him in is to "fire" him and then rehire him into the desired dept. By doing this none of his union brothers can bitch because the bidding process was bypassed.
    So.......there may be a silver lining in the dark cloud. Besides, sorting is hard on the body with all that overhead work hossing the heavy packages up to the overhead transfer belts.
    Things happen for a reason........
  11. Cezanne

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    Yeah, been to Chicago:crying:

    You better tell your relative to show up if his grievance is not settled locally. Problem is that if he is scared to death now, the panel hearing will probadly put him in his grave. Like sheep to the slaughter.

    If offered another position in lieu of continuing on with the discharge, have him take the offer. Sure sounds like he would not last long before the panel, doesn't have the whiskers or the teeth.

    Best of luck to him:thumbup1:
  12. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Are we gonna get an update on this?
  13. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    questions he should ask his steward or BA when he sees that person.
  14. Flakyfoot

    Flakyfoot New Member

    Yes, there will be an update, he hasn't spoken to his steward yet. I do know that he did receive a couple of certified letters from UPS. Tieguy - thanks for your advice!!
  15. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Nothing good ever comes by certified mail, especially from the company. My guess is they may be warning letters. Tell your relative to file a protest for each warning letter within the alloted time frame, I think it's 10 days but I'm not sure. Even if he is guilty as sin, always file a protest letter in a timely manner.
    A reasonable person might wonder why the company feels the need to torment a person in this manner. One minute they are threatening to fire him and the next minute they are telling him what a good guy he is and how he is being considered for another position after peak. Go figure.:confused:1
  16. disneyworld

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    Just tell your cousin to tell UPS to F/O-he can go pour coffee for $8/hr(if he doesn't need the benefits). This company isn't worth fretting over. It's UPS's loss if they really do like him.UPS will never know how to treat people,nor will they ever care.
  17. mpeedy

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    In my location the union does not consider missorts a fireable offence. This does not mean management will not write you up if you do not grieve it. If you have a missload problem the union says its a training issue. You must be retrained. If the problem continues management will ride you and try to fire you for other things.
  18. gottashadow

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    my mangager told me in front of my shop stewart he hates me so now I'm going to file a grievance is this an open and shut case or am I in for a surprise never had any problems with any mgrs in the past.
  19. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    not to sound like a smart ass but whats the point. He has a right to tell you he hates you and you have a right to tell him that you also hate him?
  20. Cezanne

    Cezanne New Member

    It would be an interpetation of want "hate" means, does he hate your haircut, the way you dress, you sure he did not say that he just does not like you instead? Maybe he does not recall ever saying the remark, or you misunderstood that actually he hates the work that you are required to do for a fair days workload.

    Yeah, go on and file a grievance. When I hear of complaints like this the visual picture of the prisoner in cell in the Monty Python flick the "Life of Brian" plays in my head. Especially the remark about Brian being lucky that the jailer spit in his face after his cell mate calls him the jailer's pet. I can tell you a story or two after 30 years service:cool: