Panel hearing


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I called in one Saturday before this but was months ago before this last one.....I know I missed a total of 4 or 5 days total this year
The company agrees to what, 5 or 6 sick days per year? Therefore they acknowledge one may need to be out sick that many times.


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There is where your grievance should be fought. In our building it's verbal, verbal, warning letter, notice is suspension, notice of discharge. We grieve every step from warning letter forward.
Ok I felt like I was being done wrong for only missing 5 days.....if I was late everyday I could understand


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Sounds to me like you were told you were going to be terminated for attendance. Your steward told you to file a grievance. You didn't do it in the time frame your contract says so they walked you out.

I don't know your contract but this could end badly. Wish you the best of luck.