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    I have a situation I would like some advice on. I am a part time employee who drives air on Saturday. At our center we drive roughly an hour and a half every Saturday to pick up our air as well as the air of 3 other centers. I have been driving sat air for about 20 years and in that span I have gone to pick up the air regularly on sat mornings starting at 3am. I was informed a few weeks ago that one of the other centers that we pick air up for had created a full time Tuesday thru Saturday air position. It is a very small center and they only get about 5-10 air packages on Saturday. So they took the air pick up away from our center and gave it to the other center because they dont have enough work on saturdays for 8 hours. First can they do this take work away from our center and give it to another? Second if I file a grievance what should I file under? I’ve asked my stewards and they either tell me not to waste my time they can do that or they don’t know what to file under any help would be appreciated.
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    Listen to your steward
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    I don't believe you have a grievance. You're a exception air driver and don't have any rights to the pickup and the company decided to move it to a FT air driver. Yes he's in another center but I don't believe that matters.

    Though I'm not the best with air language. Maybe @PT Car Washer can answer this one.
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    Not really that good with contract language but the company has that right to adjust jobs and since you do not have a bid Saturday FT job, you may be out of luck.
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    Our center has one 22.3 position, which is an air shuttle, and they somehow justified filling it with someone from a different center.
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    Take the L and move on
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    Game is over SiR!
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    Master Contract Article 40 Section 1 (9)- Shuttle work currently being performed by part-time air drivers shall be converted to full-time air driver work when the driver vacates the job except when there is not enough work available to create a full-time job.

    This could be argued in your favor since you are not vacating your job. They are taking it away from you.
  9. Where'sMyRegularDriver?

    Where'sMyRegularDriver? Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

    My bldg took the major shuttle work away from us PT air drivers and gave it to our FT air drivers and 22.3s. I think they did that to prevent that work from leaving the bldg.